Welcome to RAVEfinity!

Welcome to RAVEfinity!

The RAVEfinity Team designs user interface themes, elements, icons and other artwork for Linux & BSD.

Nearly all the themes & artwork produced by RAVEfinity is Open Source.
So it can be freely shared, remixed and adapted.

Since 2010 RAVEfinity has aimed to empower users to have an truly unique, personalized and enjoyable
experience on the Linux & BSD desktops. One pixel at a time.

The New RAVEfinity logo is a happy penguin. Instead of a grumpy raven.
We wanted to make our brand more welcoming.

Important Project Update!
As of September 2017 the RAVEfinity project is inactive/archived. The lead developer is very busy with other things.

We would like to thank everyone for their amazing support and contributions. Working on RAVEfinity has been amazing. And it would have not been possible without YOU the great community.

We are still actively monitoring and keeping the site and theme downloads up and running. But we may not have time or be responding to emails right now. However, if its a major issue please drop us a line.

Whats New?

Whats New ? :

March 2017

1.) The RAVEfinity Website has been re-designed & overhauled. In a big way.
Some things to note however. Due to technical limitations of our current hosting, 4K (HDPI) Support for Images on our site is not a possibility yet. Also we do things a little different. Our work is used mostly on desktops. So we believe in creating clean, efficient and simple web pages that can let users download, learn and explore our work. We are not really interested in adding a bunch of fancy CSS and java script as we don't feel it's necessary for us. We would like to thank everyone who has offered to help us create a new website! At this time we feel things are running ok on our current platform. But Thank You very much.

2.) Important Update: Several Theme Suites have been discontinued for 2017: Humanity Colors, RAVE-X, Vibrantly Simple, Ambiance Blackout themes. Etc. We do not have time to maintain these anymore. They made up less then 15 % of our theme downloads. We are re-focusing on our "core themes".


RAVE Wallpaper Collection X1

RAVE Wallpaper Collection X1
We Are Happy To Present An NEW Wallpaper Set...

The "RAVE Cube Wallpaper Collection" is an vivid and modern wallpaper set. Based on the idea of overlapped cubes. It is not your average wallpaper design style. We felt the cube design should fill the screen to create a uniform but impressive background. We did not simply just place a few colored squares on a simple background like some others might have. We felt that was simply way too hipster for us.