About RAVEfinity

RAVEfinity is an Open Source Design Project that proudly designs user interface themes, elements, icons
and other artwork for the Linux & BSD desktops. Our work is often based on other great Open Source projects,
That we design new themes and experiences on top of.

We work on themes and user interfaces that we hope delight users and help them create a unique Linux desktop experience of their very own. Most of our themes offer ample customization and support multiple desktop environments.

RAVEfinity has produced many themes and icon suites over the years. Themes like Ambiance Colors, Ambiance Flat, Vibrancy Colors and Vivacious Colors to name a few. Every one of these themes was created to do something new or something we felt needed to be done in a new way. Like including 13 stunning colors in Ambiance Colors.
Being one of the first flat/modern GTK themes with Ambiance Flat. And one of the first Icon themes with stunning modern design and changeable folder colors in Vibrancy Colors

Since then we have also been contracted by several 3rd parties to create unique user interfaces
and artwork for their systems. And actively collaborate with several other Open Source efforts.

One of our themes even inspired one of the worlds most popular desktop Linuxes, The Linux Mint Distribution,
To include multi-colored folders and UI themes based very closely on our design in the RAVE-X themes.
Vibrancy Colors also inspired and is part of the base of the Mint-Y Icon Theme used by new versions of Linux Mint.

Since 2010 we have striven to create unique user experiences that users see and "enjoy" everyday.
None of which would be possible without the amazing Open Source software community.

RAVEfinity Project Members:

Founder, Lead Designer And Developer:

Jared Sot. (ravefinity) 

Project Contributors:

Umair R.

Ubuntu, Mint, Debian & PPA. Packaging Lead
John A.
Arch Linux (AUR) Packaging Lead

Special Thanks:

To those who use or promote our work.

To those who have reported bugs or gave input or ideas.

To those who have submitted fixes or told us they enjoy our work. 

To those who have donated! 

And thank you to... You!


To protect our users & community
The RAVEfinity Name & Logo Is:

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