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Important Project Update!
As of September 2017 the RAVEfinity project is inactive/archived.
The lead developer is very busy with other things.

We would like to thank everyone for their amazing support and contributions. Working on RAVEfinity has been amazing. And it would have not been possible without YOU the great community.

We are still actively monitoring and keeping the site and theme downloads up and running. But we may not have time or be responding to emails right now. However, if its a major issue please drop us a line.

Please Note:
We are aware of on going issues with Linux Mint.
With Vibrancy & Vivacious Icon Themes.
But development is inactive so....

Linux Mint users we highly recommend the Mint Icon themes that come with Linux Mint Namely the new Mint-Y theme it is based on Moka icons and uses parts of Vibrancy icons too.

You Can Simply Email US At: