Welcome to RAVEfinity!

Welcome to RAVEfinity!

The RAVEfinity Team designs user interface themes, elements, icons and other artwork for Linux & BSD.

Nearly all themes & artwork produced by RAVEfinity are Open Source.
So they can be freely shared and remixed.

Our Themes are often also based on other great Open Source works. And with that,
We strive to always give everyone proper credit and recognition.

Since 2010 RAVEfinity has aimed to empower users to have an truly unique, personalized and enjoyable
experience on the Linux & BSD desktops. One pixel at a time.

Important Project Update!
As of September 2017 the RAVEfinity project is on break/hiatus. The lead developer is very busy with life and other important things. Work on the project may still be done, as time allows but we cannot guarantee anything.

We would like to thank everyone for their amazing support and contributions. Work on RAVEfinity has changed our lives and it would have not been possible without YOU the great open source community.

The project may be back but we can't promise for sure. In the mean time we are still actively monitoring and keeping the site and theme downloads up and running. But we may not have time to respond to emails right now. However if its a major issue please email us and we will do our best.

2019 Update we are sill not back :( , Please don't cry. Why not just laugh or something.