Vivacious Colors GTK Icon Theme

Vivacious Colors
is an vivid and modern icon suite for Linux. Featuring an completely NEW set of application icons.

Vivacious Icons are simple and clean but make use of gradients and shading for more intricate beauty and sophistication.

Fully tested and built to work on most major GTK desktops including: Cinnamon, Gnome Shell, Gnome Classic, Mate, Xfce, LXDE, Unity, OpenBox Etc.

Current Version Is: 1.4
Released, April 14th, 2016.

Works On: Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, OpenSUSE, Fedora & More.


Vivacious Requires about 55 MB of space.
However with GTK Icon Cache Files it could require as much as 280 MB.
Please have a bit of space to spare just in case your system uses big cache mode.

4 colors of folders are selectable by default:
Stock Manila Folders, Blue, Purple, Mint Teal.

10 more folder colors can be installed with the "Vivacious-Folder-Colors-Addon" Package:
Aqua ,Graphite ,Blue Vivid (Dark), Brown, Green, Purple Vivid (Dark), Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow.

5 Versions Of Panel, Tool-bar & Menu Icon Setups Are Select-able:
These variants effect the Panel, Action & Menu Icons Only.

Once installed simply activate the icons using Gnome Tweak, Unity Tweak or your desktops theme manager pane. See our Theme FAQ for help.

This theme is not KDE/QT compatible at the moment. 

Install Now, Using The RAVEfinity PPA:

This theme can be installed on Mint & Ubuntu

& based distributions by using the RAVEfinity PPA.  

To Install, Enter These Commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ravefinity-project/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install vivacious-colors 
If You Want 10 More Folder Colors. Then Also Enter:
sudo apt-get install vivacious-folder-colors-addon 

Packages and tars are available bellow.
Mint, Ubuntu, Debian (Deb)

Download Deb Package (Mirror 1)
Download Deb Package (Mirror 2)

The Main Theme Comes With 4 Great Folder Colors.
If You Want 10 More Great Folder Colors Then...

 Download Folder Color Add-on Deb (Mirror 1)
Download Folder Color Add-on Deb (Mirror 2)
Arch, Manjaro (AUR)

Install Via AUR:

Download AUR Package

Download Folder Color Addon (AUR)
OpenSUSE, Fedora, RedHat (RPM)
Any Distribution (Tar)

Download Tar Package (Mirror 1)
Download Tar Package (Mirror 2)

The Main Theme Comes With 4 Great Folder Colors.
If You Want 10 More Great Folder Colors Then...

Download Folder Color Add On Tar Package (Mirror 1)
Download Folder Color Add On Tar Package (Mirror 2)

Special Thanks To:

Credits & Copyrights (Please see the included text file for full credits.)

Please Support:  All The Great Open Source Icon Themes/Projects
who make up this theme and make it possible:                                   (App Icons Based On Plasma-Next.)   (Some App Icons.)                    (Device Icons)       
(Panel Icons, Toolbar Icons)               
(Mime-type Icons)                
(Folder Symbols, Toolbar Icons In NonMono)

Vivacious Colors

Some Parts GPL v2

(C) 2014-2017 RAVEfinity