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Ambiance & Radiance Colors Suite. 

 You will find different packages for your version of Linux and or a source package for all bellow!

Last Update April 17, 2014 (14.04)

Please bookmark this page if you want updates on when Debs packages for 14.04 or other new goodies will be added. We hope within a day or so.

What Version is Which?
Ambiance is the darker flavor. Dark panel, menu etc.
Radiance is the lighter flavor. Light panel, menu etc.
You can also install both versions.

 Humanity colors has not been updated for 14.04,
therefore we recommend you use Faneza Icon Theme with this theme,
get that here >>> 


Note for 14.04 users, Use the App Unity-Tweak to change your themes not Gnome Tweak.


The 14.04 Theme is NOT backwards compatible thus there are now different versions of the theme:

Select Your Distribution:

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Ambiance & Radiance Colors
Download Tar Package For 14.04 Theme --->

Deb packages are not available for the 14.04 build yet,
we are having issues with our PPA,
If you know how to package debs please Email us at:

We are sorry about no Deb being available yet,
Read our Help Text for Howto Install The Theme Manually Here >>>


Ubuntu 12.04 And Older
(Compatible with Linux Mint 13, Debian 7 and Lower)

 Gnome & Unity

Ambiance Colors For Unity & Gnome 


Ambiance Colors For Xfce & LXDE 

Ubuntu 11.10 Or Older
 (Compatible with Linux Mint 12, Debian 6 and Lower)

Gnome & Unity

Ambiance Colors For Unity & Gnome 


Ambiance Colors For Xfce & LXDE
Download For Any Linux Distribution:

12.04 Version Of  Theme:

For Gnome or GTK 3.4+ Only
(Distros from April 2012 and Newer) 

Gnome & Unity
Download 12.04 Version For Any Distro --->
Download 12.04 Version For Any Distro --->

Download 12.04 Version For Any Distro --->
Download 12.04 Version For Any Distro --->

11.10.3 Version Of Theme:

For Gnome or GTK 2,3.1, 3.2
(Distros from October 2011 and older)

Gnome & Unity
Download 11.10.3 Version For Any Distro --->
(This will give you a Generic Theme Tar.gz package that works with any distro, Pretty easy to install from, just See Our Help/Howto If You Have Any Questions)

Install The Theme Via Our PPA:

We Are Unable to Push theme to our branchs we our working on fixing this:

In the mean time...
Can anyone help us package the theme in .DEB ? Please email: !

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Special Thanks/Hosting for downloads provided by: 
Dropbox for instant downloads
Mediafire for some semi-instant
Canonical PPA Servers For The PPA and .Debs


 Want Automatic updates? and to always have the latest version?
Start using the RAVEfintiy software PPA! on Ubuntu and Mint!
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NEED HELP INSTALLING OR USEING? Please Read the README file for help and instructions.

All that info and more can be found on the Gnomelook page! or the README.txt file found in /usr/share/themes/ambiance-ice or radiance-ice

Hey My fav distro isn't listed here! What Gives?
A: Sorry about that :( unfortunately we don't have time (This alone is alot) or the expertises to package this theme for every distro out there. Any Ubuntu or Debian based distro should work just fine with the packages listed above just note the version number its based on.
Hey! Want to help package the theme for your distro? We are totally open if you want to make a RPM, PKG, Arch package for the theme!  just email us at: We can take care of hosting (If you need it) and help you with the package name and description.

Even if you don't need help with packaging it please email us with a link to the package you've made so we can list your great work (In packaing it) for those on your distro.