Vivacious Colors GTK Theme

Vivacious Colors GTK Theme.  

Current release is version: 16.04.4
  May 28th, 2016.

Unity Users!
There is now a new version of the theme for the Unity Desktop!
Please install Vivacious Unity from the PPA if you use unity!
Please use the regular version if you use any other desktop.
Unity 7 on 16.04 now requires many little tweaks to make it look and work right.

Arch, Fedora 24 , OpenSUSE Tumble, Debian Testing Users!
Vivacious does NOT support GTK 3.20 yet. Only GTK 3.18!
Support is coming soon we hope. 

This theme supports Distros with GTK 3.18+ Only:
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Mint 18, Linux Mint Debian 3, Fedora 23+,
OpenSUSE, Tumbleweed. and Debian Testing. Ubuntu 15.10 And newer distros only.

Fully Supports: Cinnamon, GnomeShell, Unity, Xfce, MATE, LXDE And Openbox Desktops. 

This Theme is meant to go with our
 Vivacious Colors or 
Vibrancy Colors Icon Themes.
 Or any other GTK Icon theme you see fit.

Vivacious Colors GTK is a brand NEW GTK 3/2 Theme by the RAVEfinity Open Design Team.

It features a clean, vibrant and customizable look in 4 Styles. Light, Dark, Blackout, Fusion (Hybrid). Every style comes in 13 vivid colors. Allowing you to make your desktop truly your own! ... Or you can just "be boring" and choose "Spring Blue".

GnomeShell users will find Vivacious Fully CSD compliant and ready for GnomeShell! And there is a few Cinnamon Shell Themes at long last too! And full support for Unity, Xfce, Mate, LXDE. OpenBox etc as well of coerce.   

Vivacious aims to be "serious 3rd party theme" With your support. And with it's new code-base is much easier to contribute to and dig into.

Some New Features:  

13 Amazing colors in 4 variants. With Regular and Pro Version Window Buttons.

New features and refinements (Compared to Ambiance Flat)

Cleaner and faster code base that treats all desktops as first class citizens.

Cinnamon Shell Themes at long last.

GnomeShell Works like a charm no more glitches (hopefully)

Fully Supports: Cinnamon, GnomeShell, Unity, Xfce, MATE, LXDE And Openbox Desktops.

The GTK 3 portion of the theme has been completely re-written from scratch to look and work much better on a wide variety of desktops. While it bares resemblance to Ambiance & Radiance Colors GTK Theme Colors. The theme is based on a completely different codebase that should be cleaner, faster and easier to maintain for years to come. Ambiance code is getting a little dated (But we are continuing to support it still in our other theme Flat Colors).

The Vivacious GTK Theme has been re-written top to bottom to better support more desktops from the start! Including full support for GnomeShell & Cinnamon! (Vs. Ambaince Flat Colors GTK Theme) But Vivacious Also Still Fully supports Unity, XFCE, MATE, LXDE, OpenBox and more as well!


16.04.4 is for GTK 3.18 + Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Mint 18 LTS, LMDE 3, OpenSUSE, Fedora 23.

What Version is Which? 

Dark: is the darker flavor. Dark panel, menu etc.

Fusion: is a hybrid blend w/Light toolbars. Dark panel, menu etc.

Light: is the lighter flavor. Light panel, menu etc.

Blackout: is the fully dark flavor. Panel, menu etc.


Each Version Comes in 13 Colors With Regular and Pro Version Window Buttons. 


Theme requires about 105 MB when Installed.

Install The Theme Via Our PPA:

Vivacious Colors GTK Theme can be installed in:
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, 15.10,
Mint 18, Etc. 
by using the RAVEfinity PPA.


Open a terminal: (Ctrl+Alt+T)
And Paste These Lines 1 By 1, Pressing Enter After Each.

Enter These Commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ravefinity-project/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install vivacious-colors-gtk-dark vivacious-colors-gtk-light
(!) Ubuntu Unity Desktop Users! Install The Unity Only Version.
 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ravefinity-project/ppa
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install vivacious-unity-gtk-dark vivacious-unity-gtk-light 

Please Use the regular non unity version on all other desktops! 
Both versions can be installed at once! Previous users of the theme
you will need to update to the Unity Version if you use Unity! (see above)


16.04.4 Version

For GTK 3.18+
GTK 3.20 is coming. Help us?

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Linux Mint 18 LTS,  Linux Mint Debian 3.

Deb Packages

This Build is for Ubuntu 16.04, Mint 18, LMDE 3 etc...
 w/GTK 3.16 & 3.18+ ONLY. 

 Vivacious Colors Dark.
Download 16.04.4 Deb Package ---> (Mirror 1)
Download 16.04.4 Deb Package ---> (Mirror 2)

Vivacious Colors Light.
Download 16.04.4 Deb Package ---> (Mirror 1)
Download 16.04.4 Deb Package ---> (Mirror 2)

Vivacious Colors Unity Desktop Version. 

Use this ONLY if you Use The Unity Desktop on Ubuntu 16.04.
Use regular build (above) for all other desktops!

Vivacious Unity Colors Dark.

Download 16.04.4 Deb Package ---> (Mirror 1)
Download 16.04.4 Deb Package ---> (Mirror 2)

Vivacious Unity Colors Light.
Download 16.04.4 Deb Package ---> (Mirror 1)
Download 16.04.4 Deb Package ---> (Mirror 2)

Arch Linux

Install Via AUR:
yaourt vivacious-colors-gtk-theme

View The AUR Page --->

OpenSUSE, Fedora, CentOS, RedHat.

For Any Distro (Generic Tar)

Tar For The Unity Only Desktop Version.
(Uhhh... Why would you want this? Use the Deb :P )

 Download Unity Only 16.04.4 Tar Package ---> (Mirror 2)

Any Distro with GTK Version 3.18+

If you need support for older GTK & Linux Versions... 
Please Use Ambiance & Radiance Flat Colors GTK 3.10-3.14. Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Mint 17. etc. See Here >> >

This theme does not support anything older then GTK 3.18 & 3.16.


Some Screen shots:


Licensed: LGPL & GPL v2.0
Based on the hard GPL work of:

Adwaita by Gnome Art Team , Bolimage, Numix (For Cinnamon Theme base)
Kenneth Wimer, James Schriver, Andrea Cimitan, David Barr, p0ng.
(C) Canonical (Ubuntu Linux Theme)
Please see readme for more info. (in tar) 


   This theme is by the RAVEfinity project,
Lead Designer & Developer: Jared Sot. (ravefinity-ATGmailDotCom)


Special Thanks:

Benoit T.

Umair R.

John (ThePilot)

 And to anyone who uses RAVEfinity Themes! 
And/Or has donated or contributed feedback, time or patches etc.

Themes require NO compiling just extract them to the correct folder. 
(This will give you a Generic Theme Tar.gz package that works with any distro, Pretty easy to install from, just See Our Help/Howto If You Have Any Questions)

Special Thanks/Hosting for downloads provided by: 
Google Drive for instant downloads
Canonical PPA Servers For The PPA and .Debs




Change log:

16.04.4  - Fixes the double menu border Issue on some desktops.

- Adds New Unity desktop specific build/package (Vivacious-Unity Light & Dark) Allowing us to not compromise other desktops look and feel to make Unity work/look good.

16.04.3  - Fixes Flat Edit-able buttons to show hover and pressed state (Unity Tweak, Gnome User Add. etc)

 - Makes border around popup menus contrast better (no more lost popups.)

16.04.2  - Adds back Pro Window Buttons! We realized they are missed and work better for users with displays with inaccurate color reproduction.

- Adds Inactive (Window Open) state to desktop clicked items.

16.04.1 - Brand New Theme for 2016! Ubuntu LTS Family! GTK 3.18 Support. Ready for LTS!


  1. i have tried to make an archlinux package (and if you want i can upload it to aur), but then i encountered this bug
    is it just me?

    1. Sorry about the issue! Is that on XFCE terminal? We will have a look.

      We have asked a friend of ours (He does all our Aur packages so far) about a Arch package. Hes a little busy so it might be a bit. But thank you if he can't I will contact you.

      I will try to get this sorted soon.

    2. It affects other apps, too.
      If you need it quickly, i can upload it whenever you want, as it is fully working. (sorry bad english)

    3. Do you know if you are you running GTK 3.20 on arch? or is it 3.18?
      Hope to get this fixed. Sorry about that. We tested on 16.04 LTS & Fedora 23 and everything was working. Not sure.

      If you want upload it to the AUR that works. And if don't have time to keep maintaing (updating) it after let me know and we can transfer ownership if you don't have time. Either way thank you!

    4. I tried to install it just for my user, and it works, but when I try to install it system-wide (even by doing it manually) it breaks.
      I really don't know what to do now.
      And I even tried to copy ThePilot's pkgbuild from the other themes, still the same.

    5. ok, figured it out.
      until now i tried with the tar package you provided at first, now i tried doing it with the .deb you recently uploaded, and it works perfectly.
      so, if you still want me to upload the packages on aur, i can make two different packages (dark and light) or you update the tar one and I make just one package (which would be vivacious-colors-gtk-theme).

    6. The two different packages works Thanks! I think it's a permission issue actually. it's so weird we stripped the permissions but they keep coming back. for some reason the Other Users and Group are getting flagged as not being able to open... I am going take the deb and repack the tar based on it.

    7. I have updated and repacked the tar. hopefully it will work with AUR. Either way.

    8. ok, uploaded. the package name is "vivacious-colors-gtk-theme" (

    9. Thanks Valerio I have linked it.

    10. Valerio sorry to bother you. I have got a few reports that the Arch package is failing to install for some reason. Something about "incorrect date". I don't work with Arch packages so if you need help let me know I can talk to ThePilot he has done all our others.

      Anyway I appreciate your work thanks.

    11. i disowned the package and ThePilot adopted it, but i'm trying to recreate it, since ThePilot hasn't updated it.
      what i'm struggling to do is downloading the file, because:
      1) i couldn't get it to work with google drive, and if i could, it wouldn't show the file size.
      2) if i get it to work with mediafire, the direct link will change from time to time, and i would need to update it frequently (this is why it is not working)

      My suggestion is to use a different download provider, such as 2shared or some other that provides a permanent direct link.

    12. Hey Valerio thanks. thepilot just updated the package. I am not sure how he does it. I think he somehow gets a direct google drive link. You can do this by using the URL: "" Then adding the long name you get when clicking download anyway. copy the long name "" Just copy the the part after ID= then you get ""

      Thanks again for all your help.

    13. Hi! It's me again.
      I just wanted you to know that i switched to fedora a week ago, and I just tried to make rpms for fedora 22/23 and opensuse 13.1/13.2/leap/tumbleweed, and all of them are working right (at least i can assure you that on fedora it is working right).
      you can find them at
      tell me if you want me to continue updating or you want me to delete it.

    14. also tell me if you need rpms for other gtk themes

    15. Hello Thanks Valerio. Your help is much appreciated. I will add your packages to the list. If you have time and felt like it you could do packages for Vivacious Colors Icons & Vibrancy Colors Icons if you feel like it. Thanks again.

    16. yes, of course.
      i will do it after school.

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  3. Hello,

    Thank you for great theme!

    What about to remove borders around icons in unity launcher? Just like in numix. Theme will look more cleaner, imho.

    1. Thanks for the feedback we will consider this.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hi!

    I really like the theme, but it doesn't look the same in my Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon.
    Look at it

    Can you tell me how to fix it? I am a software developer so you don't have to explain everything in detail :)

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Hello Jorge. Linux Mint 17.3 Uses GTK 3.10. And this theme is brand new and only supports GTK 3.18. So it will now work with Mint 17. But will work with Mint 18 when that comes out. If you want a theme for Mint 17.3 we have a very simular theme built for Mint 17.3...

    Just make sure to download the 14.04 LTS version of that.

    If you want the blackout version:

    Again look the 14.04 build.

    Vivacious Colors will work on Mint 18 when that comes out. But right now it does not support the older version of GTK found in 17.3.

    Hope this helps :)

    1. Gosh, you are the f** best.

      Loved all your work guys, I'll donate as soon as I receive my next wage.

      Best regards!

    2. Thank you for the support! It means a lot. Enjoy!

  7. Debian Testing just had an update to gtk 3.20. Gtk3 apps look like garbage right now, so i have to temporarily drop this great theme :(

    1. Sorry about the issues. Sadly Gnome/GTK 3.20 yanked the rug out from under us again. They keep doing that to everyone every 6 mouths. a lot of themes are kinda broken right now sadly. As this round is a big change. Doing our best to get something sorted soon. It's just a lot of work with all the colors and variations.

  8. Arch/LXDE user here! You know you did something right when you start doing workarounds for the lack of GTK 3.20 support by downgrading apps to their GTK2 counterparts and keeping GTK3 to a minimum as a beginner learning linux by doing with arch, instead of searching another theme. Really great theme! Is it planned to port it to GTK3.20 at some point in time? Not "when" but "will it happen at some point in time"? Also, mandatory desktop screenshot:

    1. Whoa. Thanks. that means a lot. I am sad that we don't/can't support GTK 3.20 yet . But They made a huge amount of changes. And require us to re-write everything (This is like the 5th time now. Working with GTK is really something sometimes. That why Linus Likes QT :P ) I am in the beginning stages of development on GTK 3.20 but I have to do it in my free time and it takes weeks to do a re-write. That being said I am doing my darn-est. And I really want to finish and get it out there.

      I really hope we can pull it off. We are working on it.
      Thanks for your support I wish It was ready.

    2. No worries, I knew where I was getting into when I chose a rolling release distro instead of a debian basic net install and work my way up there. I know things take work, so take your sweet time and enjoy life. Really don't worry, most apps I use either are compiled against GTK2, have versions compiled against GTK2 or have QT versions that can apply the GTK2 theme on top of it.

      And now I'm starting to see why they choose to go QT on LXDE instead of the seemingly natural path of GTK3. I've been using linux more than it seems, but it was at a basic level. Only now decided to go a step ahead. I'm surprised how well QT has hold it's ground for what I've read. I can't say that much about GTK, fan of KDE until how they changed this last iteration. But judging your comment, it does seem that QT is being preferred now over GTK.

      Fortunately I had to go lightweight on this 2006 laptop with LXDE and I fell in love again with a DE. And I'm suprised of 2 facts with this laptop: That this machine does almost anything I need to do with computers (asides gaming anything), and the fact that the keyboard/trackpad/trackpoint is actually good and not garbage. Food for though.

  9. I made a huuuge mistake, I just upgraded to 3.20 without thinking. This has been one of my favourite themes! I still use the icon and shell theme as it seems that they work without problems. I've never done something with GTK themes otherwise I would offer my help. As soon as the theme works again, I will use it again. And never update my PC again, I promise! :D

    1. Thanks for the support. I am really sorry it broke on GTK 3.20 :( They changed 80-90% how themes have to be written.

      A lot of work needs to be done to make it work on the new version but some are claiming once we do this for 3.20 themes should stop breaking! I am a bit skeptical but we are working towards a new version. It's a little bit off but in progress.

      Thanks for the encouragement. We are steadily working towards getting a re-written theme out.

    2. RAVEfinity have you seen ?

  10. Hi again! I though you would be interested in my recent experience/experiment with theming, Qt side of things more specifically. Bit of context, after realizing that I was putting more time on that old 2006 laptop than my main rig with Windows (Windows due to gaming) decided to resize partitions and install Linux as primary on it, specially since I don't play that much lately and what I play is available for Linux.

    While I was at it, I decided to give LXQT a try, due to commenting here recently. I was interested in seeing if the grass at the other side of the fence was greener or not. Admittedly I am not a guru, the time I gave myself to configure LXQT was not big, but what I think reasonable compared to what I used the first time I configured LXDE from scratch without almost any knowledge, half a day (what I needed to have a functional LXDE with basic apps and a cohesive theme by reading arch wiki and the internet)

    Installing it was more or less painless, it had it's small quirks here and there, showing that they were still working on it, but nothing neither major, nor unexpected. Changed Openbox for KWin, since Openbox doesn't mix well with how QT looks. Until I got to theming it. That was a complete and utter nightmare, at least from a user perspective that bothers in using his brain, and searches for things far more than 5 mins before screaming HALP in forums.

    Simple things that should work out of the box, like VLC using correctly the Qt theme, or having a cohesive look with all apps feels almost next to impossible with QT. Like each one of them abides the rules they want to abide, and screw the rest. In fact the best Qt "theme" I've found that works, to give the desktop a cohesive visual design is GTK+. Not even KDE official theme works as well with all apps (like aforementioned VLC, where GTK+ themes far better VLC for example).

    I may be very well pulling everything from a magic hat since I am not that knowledgeable, not knowing extremely well what I am talking about, and if I knew better Qt themes would work beautifully. But as an above average user not afraid to take risks and not afraid to work hard, I feel there is a big mess here in place. That without taking into account that it seems hard to find dark non-blue QT themes, but that is another matter altogether, that doesn't adress the primary complain.

    Yeah, GTK+ can be a pain to work with, specially when they decide to do something like this, but from a user's perspective (and probably a developer perspective too) it is invaluable to be able to drop a folder in place, select the theme in the appropriate location, and every app pick properly the theme, even Qt ones. In fact I'm currently using that workaround for the 3.20 problem with a few apps and works beautifully. That is what is the most mind boggling thing to me, that I find easier to choose a GTK+ theme for them than a QT one. Hope it was interesting to read. Have a nice summer!

    1. Hello Haruhi. Thanks for the message. I have found that to be true as well! When playing with QT Desktops. I am not sure if I am missing a setting or something but yeah. not everything changes like it should. There does not seem to be as active as a community doing QT GUI themes. Only QT icon themes. I was toying with the idea of getting into but its a gonna be a big project. I still need to add GTK 3.20 support. haha.

      I have been told GTK 3.20 may stop the breaking after we update to support it. that would be nice because writing our theme consists of 4 styles in 13 colors each with Pro and Regualr styles of those! And so far to be compliant with GTK 3 standards it appears they don't want me to use any color variables anymore! meaning we need to write a script or have to edit 100s of files manually.

      Hope you have a great summer as well.

    2. What I do fear a bit is what will happen with LXDE, LXQT and Lubuntu in that regard. Next version they want to use LXQT. While Lubuntu does not look that good in my humble opinion out of the box, anyone can change it with 15 minutes of research even if they don't have that much knowledge. Who knows, maybe LXQT is what QT needs for that to change.

      But let's be positive for once. Let's focus on the hope that, indeed, GTK 3.20 is the end of your madness as theme creator. Going above and beyond to give the users the choice in colors just for the hell of it deserves it. Also made a user session for my mother in the laptop this evening so she can browse the web from the couch if she so desire. Results:

      It does make me wonder what you would do with QT theming, seeing that your GTK theming quality is up to the point where, when someone generally tasteless like me changes just a wallpaper and a start menu button from the equation, it translates to a fresh desktop.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. This theme would be still usable in XFCE regardless of gtk3, as XFCE apps use mainly gtk2, so i could simply purge gtk-3.0 folder and let the few gtk3 apps use the default Adwaita theme. Overall look and feel wouldn't suffer that much.

  13. Still nothing for the gtk3.20 update? a lot of distros are intentioned to update, and this is my favorite theme...

    1. Yeah unfortunately not yet. :( I have had to work a lot this summer. 12 Hour a day in some cases. We haven't had that many donations recently so I have to work on other things for a bit. I am still trying to make the time to get back to it soon. I am bummed as well. I feel like I am letting my linux amigos down :(

  14. Hi, Vivacious-colors-gtk theme is the best theme, it is very consistent and save a lot of screen space, it is better than all other themes. Please try to update it to gtk 3.20. Really miss it in gnome 3.20 (fedora 24). Thank you. Really appreciate your hard work and amazing attention to detail. Really superb theme.

  15. I think this should replace the default themes for ubuntu, it is way better!