Vibrancy Colors GTK Icon Theme

Vibrancy Colors Icon Theme

Current Release is version: 2.7
April 15th, 2016.

LINUX MINT 18.1 Cinnamon Users! (Only 18.1 is effected)
Please Note: Nemo Linux Mint's file manager on Cinnamon is having issues with this and our other icon theme. Causing a pause or freeze when clicking on folders... 

We are not 100% sure why this is happening yet. But it ONLY happens on Cinnamon on Mint 18.1. When the theme is installed to /usr/share/themes. It does not happen when installed it .icons in ones home directory. 

Again this only happens in mint. With Our Icon themes and some other 3rd party ones And we have dropped everything and are doing are best to find and fix this issue on our end. However we have spent several hours to no avail we are still working and looking into optimizations.

Please feel free to help out or report the issue to Mint.
That being said we are working hard and trying a few more things like optimizations on our end before we contact the Mint Team. 

Works On: Linux Mint,Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, OpenSuse. (Should work on any distro new and old.)
 On most GTK2 & 3 Desktops.  Fully Compatible with new and old GTK versions.

This Theme is meant to go nicely with
Ambiance & Radiance Flat Colors
Ambiance & Radiance Colors
And any other GTK Theme you see fit.

Just a quick announcement:
We also now develop a brand new icon theme Called "Vivacious Colors"
Featuring beautiful new full salable SVG App Icons.
We now maintain and develop both Vivacious & Vibrancy Icon Suites.

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Vibrancy Colors is a bold, modern & beautiful "Vibrant" GTK Icon Theme. Vibrancy is a highly polished mixture of many amazing open source icon projects/themes into a new, "beautiful" icon theme. It is meant to be modern, clean and customizable.

Vibrancy is a different take on the "Flat" or "Modern Design" trend, Featuring simple, beautiful and modern icons. But with more handcrafted details and emotion.

Fully tested/built to work on most major GTK desktops including: 
Unity, Cinnamon, Gnome Shell, Gnome Classic, Mate, Xfce, LXDE, Openbox and more.

Theme Requires about 95 MB When installed.
But Please Keep In Mind With GTK Icon Cache Files it could require as much as 380 MB. (This happens with most icons themes) Please Have a bit of space to spare just in case.

14 Colors of Folders are Selectable:
Stock Manila Folder, Blue, Aqua ,Graphite ,Blue Vivid (Dark), Brown, Green,
Green Viva (Dark), Purple,Red, Pink, Orange, Teal, Yellow.

Now Fully Supports Folder Color Extension (On Nemo, Nautilus, Caja, Files)
An optional extension that allows you to right click on any folder and change it to any of the 14 colors on the fly. Perfect for organization or personalization. This works on top of the already selectable 14 colors from the theme panel.

Learn More & Support Folder Color --->
Learn How To Install, Setup & Use Folder Color --->

5 Versions Of Panel,Toolbar & Menu Icon Setups Are Selectable:
Each of the 14 Colors come in these 5 variants, 
These variants effect the Panel,Action & Menu Icons Only...

Vibrancy Full Dark
(^^ Ambiance Users & Themes W/Dark Toolbars ^^)

Vibrancy Dark

 Vibrancy Light

Non Mono Dark

Non Mono Light

Quick Note:
Regular/Plain Manila Folders are selectable under the name "Colors"

Please Support:  All The Great Open Source Icon Themes/Projects
who make up this theme and make it possible:  (App Icons, Category)   
(Panel Icons, Toolbar Icons)          
(Mime-type Icons)                           
(Breeze Folders, Folders based on this. but we made many changes.)           
(Folder Symbols, Toolbar Icons In NonMono)

See bellow for more details and credits...

This theme would not be possible without The Moka App Icons by Sam Hewitt. 
Sam does not endorse and is not associated with Vibrancy Colors. But He created nearly all the app icons used in this theme. (We only tweaked them slightly and changed them around and added a few.) We ask you to please support him. He has spent hours upon hours of his own unpaid time drawing these amazing app icons. We have taken his amazing work and built on it.  By tweaking adding and recoloring things, Adding new folders, New mimetypes And new indicator and action system. As well as other things.


Very Special Thanks To:

Linux Tips, Tricks & News.

Install The Theme Via Our PPA:

This theme can be installed in Mint, Ubuntu & based distros by using the RAVEfinity PPA.  

Open a terminal: (Ctrl+Alt+T)
And Paste These Lines 1 By 1, Pressing Enter After Each.

Enter These Commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ravefinity-project/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install vibrancy-colors 

Select Package For Your Distribution:
Ubuntu, Mint, Debian & Deb Based.

Download Deb Package --->
Download Deb Package --->

Arch Linux

Install Via AUR:

View The AUR Page --->

OpenSUSE, Fedora, CentOS, RedHat.
Any Distro (Tar)
Download Tar Package For Any Distro --->
Download Tar Package For Any Distro --->

Once installed simply activate icons in Unity Tweak, Gnome Tweak or
 your desktops theme manager pane. See our FAQ for help.

Unity Users: We recommend a 32 px Dock Size or the regular 48 px.
XFCE Knows how to make PNGs look good already.

Some Screen shots:

Licenced: CC BY SA
Some Parts GPL v2

We DO NOT want to take credit for others hard work. Nor do we want to be accused of it by judgemental individuals...
Please support all the authors whos work this is based on...

A Icon Theme for Ubuntu , Mint , Arch or any distro.

See The Full Credits Here --->