Welcome to RAVEfinity!

Welcome to RAVEfinity!

The RAVEfinity Project produces UI elements like: Themes, Icons and other design for Linux.

Themes & Software produced by RAVEfinity are fully Open Source and very customizable.

RAVEfinity aims to empower everyone to have an truly personalized and enjoyable experience on the Linux Desktop.

Have a look around! 

We warmly welcome your feedback and participation. Please feel free to Bookmark us,
Send us any feedback, Share any of our work and Suggest any Ideas or Fixes you have.

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Whats New?

Whats New ?

April 2017

1.) The Project is working on major theme updates for 2017.

2.) Vibrancy Colors 3.0 Is Coming Soon. (We Hope.)

March 2017

1.) RAVEfinty Website has been re-designed & overhauled. (Still in progress.) No more ADs on the Site! they have all been shut off.

2.) Several Theme Suites have been discontinued for 2017: Humanity Colors, RAVE-X, Vibrantly Simple, Ambiance Blackout themes. Etc. We do not have time to maintain these anymore. They made up for less then 70 % of our theme downloads so its for the best. We suppose.

3.) The Project is working on major theme updates for 2017.

RAVE Wallpaper Collection X1

RAVE Wallpaper Collection X1
We are happy to present a NEW Wallpaper set...

The "RAVE Cube Wallpaper Collection" is an Vivd and modern wallpaper set. Based on the idea of overlapped cubes. It is not your average wallpaper design style. We felt the cube design should fill the screen to create a uniform but impressive background. We did not simply just place a few colored squares on a simple background like some others might have. We felt that was simply way too hipster for us.