Monday, November 14, 2016

Welcome to RAVEfinity!

Welcome to RAVEfinity! 

Thanks for stopping by!

RAVEfinity is an Open Source Design Project with amazing contributors worldwide. 
We craft carefully designed and Open Source, GUI Themes, Icons Sets & Wallpapers. 
We work mainly with Linux & BSD. But also other platforms for projects like our wallpaper collections.
Our content is truly Open Source. Meaning you can build on and adapt it if you wish.
We always try to add value and care to whatever we touch or base our work on.

Our work aims to empower you to have a unique, enjoyable and personalized experience on Linux or BSD (Or Whatever you use).

We also go out of our way to ensure our themes work on many (Not just 1) GTK desktops like Unity, Cinnamon, Xfce, LXDE, Mate, Gnome & Openbox.

Some of our work is based on other open source work by other amazing artists. We try to always make this evident. And give everyone proper credit.

Please Note as of 2017:  
The RAVEfinity Open Source project is in an unsure state right now. Perhaps a hiatus. All project work is only now being done as we have the time. 
We have stopped asking for donations as we do not know when our free work will continue. We sure hope we can continue but we need to focus on Life, EDU and Family. We have been at it since 2010.
And the project takes up ALOT of unpaid time. It's super fun and rewarding creating stuff for everyone and we have met and collaborated with amazing people.

We are doing our best and will still continue to work with partners like Kali Linux And Noobslab. On themes and design work we do with them.

But our themes are no longer sustainable for us.
We love them to bits and we will do our best to update them but we can't make any claims for sure.

As of now we have added full support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Mint 18 LTS to all our current themes meaning they will be fully supported till April 2021.

Thank you again for using our work and supporting us with comments, donations and time. It's been truly life changing.

Hope this is not goodbye.
Thanks again

Please have a look around,

And Being an Open Source Project don't forget we welcome you to Bookmark us,
Send us any feedback, Share our site & work and Suggest any Ideas or Fixes you have.
No matter how small.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 2016 Project Update.

May 2016 Project Update.

Hello everyone. We wanted to give you a brief update about what is going on. It's may! We have worked very hard the last few mouths to get all our themes ready and updated for 16.04 LTS and Mint 18 LTS. (GTK 3.18)  And we are happy to say we have done so. More testing for Mint will be needed as well as more tweaks most likely. It's exciting to have a new LTS release out. After this release it appears things will be changing a lot... But lets try to stay positive.

We have updated about 5 different theme suites. some of them multiple times. We even completely re-wrote a Theme from scratch to work better on GTK 3.18 and GnomeShell. As you can imagine this wears on one person. Doing this after getting home from my "real job" everyday. Our work is never done. We need to re-write everything again to work on GTK 3.20 because they changed it that much. We also have many little papercutt bugs in our two icon themes that need to be fixed. I want to do this And have been working nearly non-stop for 3 mouths after my "real job" each day. I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their support and anyone who donated even any small amount. As well as thank Umair from Noobslab, and ThePilot for helping us with packaging.

Please understand that your support of the project is much appreciated. Thank you.  I am but one humble person. And I don't want to let anyone down. Doing my best to get all these things done with the limited time I have. Thank you for understanding.  Cross your fingers I can pull off a miracle and get the main GTK theme re-written for 3.20. then fix all the litte things we need to with the icon themes.

I don't really know a timeframe as this time. I really want to get this done but please understand I do this in my free time after work (I have two jobs) and on my days off. While taking college classes. So things can be quite hectic. That being said I never "rush" this design work.  I really work to do everything cleanly and refined as possible.

Doing our best for you guys thanks for the support.
Jared - RAVEfinity

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New GTK Theme Vivacious Colors!

New GTK Theme Vivacious Colors!

RAVEfinity has been hard at work on a new GTK 3 theme called Vivacious Colors. And after 3 Mouths we are happy to release the first version 16.04.1 For GTK 3.18. Right in time for Ubuntu LTS and Mint LTS! And all other Distros as well. We love them all.

So you might be saying hey this theme looks a lot like Ambiance & Radiance Flat.... Well we wanted to keep the look But this theme has been completely re-written top to bottom (The GTK 3 part) based on newer code. And has many new features enhancements and goodies.

Right off the bat GnomeShell is supported 100% with minimal quirks (vs Ambiance Flat!) And we have brand new Cinnamon Shell themes. Unity, XFCE, LXDE and Openbox all work as well.

Vivacious Colors GTK signals RAVEfinitys embrace of all types of GTK desktops and Linux Distros. We always tried to do this but with this theme We are no longer tied to a Distro specific theme codebase!

This was a tuff one but... There is no longer "Pro" Versions of the theme with MonoChrome Window buttons at this time. We had to make a tuff decision Include 54+ more themes just to have have monochrome buttons or embrace the idea of the Window button expressing your color. This new theme only has 58 Folders Vs. 104 and is only 55 MB vs. 104 MB. Furthermore the gtk-widget code it hot swappable in the same variation meaning maintenance is a lot easier. The old monochrome button resources are still there (In 2 different folders) and through some tricky you can replace the colors with them. (Howto soon?)

Update: We have added Pro monochrome window buttons back in 16.04.2. Because we found they where really missed. That and they really make the theme better for some users with less color acurate displays (Businesses class laptops & cheaper LCDs)

This is out first release and we have done our darnest to make it awesome. We had to make tuff decisions that we hope benefit users. It's easy to get carried away and want to include everything but the kitchen sink. We have tried to focus and make clean and hard line decisions.     

Vivacious Colors GTK is a NEW GTK 3/2 Theme that features a clean, vibrant and customizable look in 4 Styles. Light, Dark, Blackout, Fusion (Hybrid). Every style comes in 13 vivid colors.
Allowing you to make your desktop truly your own! ... Or you can just "be boring" and choose "Spring Blue".

GnomeShell users will find Vivacious Fully CSD compliant and ready for GnomeShell! And there is a few Cinnamon Shell Themes at long last too! And full support for Unity, Xfce, Mate, LXDE. OpenBox etc.  

Vivacious aims to be "serious 3rd party theme" With your support. And with it's new code-base is much easier to contribute to and dig into.

The GTK 3 portion of the theme has been completely re-written from scratch to look and work much better on a wide variety of desktops. While it bares resemblance to Ambiance & Radiance Flat Colors GTK Theme. The theme is based on a completely different codebase that should be cleaner, faster and easier to maintain for years to come. Ambiance code is getting a little dated and hard to maintain for non Unity Desktops.

The Vivacious GTK Theme has been re-written top to bottom to better support more desktops from the start! Including full support for GnomeShell & Cinnamon! (Vs. Vivacious Colors GTK Theme) But Vivacious Also Still Fully supports Unity, XFCE, MATE, LXDE, OpenBox and more as well!

The team hopes to make vivacious a rolling theme! It is not based on Ubuntu Ambiance code thus we have a easier time updating it with new Gnome Shell releases. We Hope. With your support.

Note! This theme is only for Ubuntu 15.10, 16.04 LTS, Mint 18 LTS, Debian Testing, Fedora 23 and OpenSuse Users With GTK 3.16, 3.18. If you need support for older versions please use Ambiance & Radiance Colors!

Check It Out Here / Grab It!!! --->

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

RAVEfinity 2016! March-April Open Letter.

RAVEfinity 2016! March-April Open Letter.

Hello Everyone. RAVEfinity is back for 2016 and We have just wrapped updating all our GTK Themes for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Mint 18 etc. Sounds simple but it was a lot of work.

What next? We are working on a exciting New GTK theme that looks a lot like Ambiance & Radiance Flat Colors but is completely re-written in a more modern, clean and efficient way. (The GTK 3 part) It has many new features, goodies. And we hope to support newer versions of GTK and all GTK 3 Desktops alot better with it. Ambiance is nice but has issues with GnomeShell and other desktops. No more! we are breaking away. Our theme will still allow you to express yourself in 13+ awesome colors and designs. We hope to offer more timely updates and easier ways to get involved and help.

Ubuntu will be up to some interesting things this year. But we are not sure how our work fits into them. So to be safe we need to be independent in case users are not able to install themes on snappy or Unity 8 (16.10+) We need to support more desktops and more options. We have always tried to do this but we are taking it a step further now. Gnome Shell, Cinnamon, XFCE, MATE. Being large areas of continued foucus. Distos like Arch, Debian, Mint, Fedora, OpenSuse we hope to support better then we did being our new themes will not be reliant of Ambiance. Don't get us wrong we still value Ubuntu tremendously and want them to do well. But we need to spread out our focus in case we get pushed out by Unity 8 and Snappy.

It's worth noting 16.04 will be usable for many years to come and thats why we are putting all out efforts into making sure all our themes will run on it in tip top shape!

By the way Ubuntu & MATE Users who want to use Compiz. We have finally fixed a issue that prevent the window decorations working in our Ambiance Themes. Plus a CSD GTK 3 app issue. In our defense we did not hear about this issue till December of 2015. And the reason for the break was kind of strange. Cinnamon has no issues for example using the older borders. Ironically the fix was to revert to older code in the meta-city theme file without certin properties. Those properties are not used anymore but they are newer code. So it was essentially reverting to old code!? It looks and runs the same from all our tests.
I really hope we are all good here. I was nervous about changing it on peoples current 15.10 installs so we waited till 16.04 to do it after lots of tests. fingers crossed everything seems fine from our extensive tests but with themes you never know.

Fianlly Icon Themes!
Thank you everyone for your reports and submissions we want to get new versions of thease out soon. The issue is we need to get the new gtk theme out first so please bare with us.

Heres to a great 2016!
I want to thank everyone who has messaged us, sent bug reports, comments, suggestions. And donations (we got a few) we greatly appreciate it . We hope to do the comminity proud this year.

Thanks again
RAVEfinity (Jared)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

New Icon Theme Vivacious Colors!

We are happy to fianlly be announcing a new GTK Icon Theme. Called Vivacious Colors! Featuring brand new app icons.

Check it out:

Featuring 4 folder colors by default. And 10 more installable via add-on package.

We are stoked to go back to our "roots" and start tweaking and doing our "own icons" (Based on Plasma-Next) Thats how we started in 2009 Tweaking and drawing PNG icons and we are at it again in 2015 this time in lovely SVG!

Friday, May 29, 2015

RAVE Wallpaper Collection X1

RAVE Wallpaper Collection X1

After several mouths of on and off work. We are happy to present a NEW Wallpaper set...

RAVE Cubism Wallpapers is a Vivd, vibrant and bold modern wallpaper set. Based on the idea of multi-color overlapped semi transparent cubes. It is not your average wallpaper design style. We feel the design should fill the screen to create an amazing view. We do not render a little design and have a simple background as we felt this upsets balance and is a little boring.