Welcome to RAVEfinity!

Welcome to RAVEfinity!

The RAVEfinity Project proudly creates UI Themes, Icons and other Open Source artworks.

Since 2010 RAVEfinity has created Open Source GUI Themes, Icons Sets, Wallpapers and other UI elements. 
The RAVEfinity project proudly consists of many amazing contributors worldwide.

Work produced by the RAVEfinity Project is Fully Open Source. Meaning you can build on and adapt it as you wish.
We aim to always add value, beauty and care to whatever we create.

We aim to empower people to have a unique, enjoyable and personalized experience user experience on the Linux Desktop.

Please have a look around, 

We warmly welcome your feedback and participation. Please feel free to Bookmark us,
Send us any feedback, Share any of our work and Suggest any Ideas or Fixes you have.

RAVE Wallpaper Collection X1

RAVE Wallpaper Collection X1
We are happy to present a NEW Wallpaper set...

The "RAVE Cube Wallpaper Collection" is an Vivd and modern wallpaper set. Based on the idea of overlapped semi transparent cubes. It is not your average wallpaper design style. We feel the design should fill the screen to create an world of its own. We do not render a little design and have a simple background like some others as we felt this was simply way too hipster.