Thursday, November 7, 2013

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We Are Back  Its (2014)

 RAVEfinity (Formerly iRaveFuzion) is a design team that develops original and carefully designed artwork,themes,icons sets,wallpapers and other open-source multimedia for the Linux Desktop and Tablet. Are content is always free to use and adapt as you wish! We create and release Open Source content. None of our content is proprietary nor is it taken or based on such sources. We aim to bring beautiful design to the Linux desktop and tablet. That you can change and adapt as you wish!

Have a look around! We post are latest and greatest work to this page.
As well as howtos, Documentation and blog posts on development and news. (see Blog for that)


A New Part Of The RAVEfinity Vision. >>> Is A New Site By US, It Is The New Home Of Our Free Wallpapers... The RAVE Wallpaper Collections, It Features Over 500 Original Free & Open Source Wallpapers. Created By US.

More Wallpapers Are Added Almost Everyday!
Wallpapers Are In Many Colors, Styles And Types And Categories, From Nature, Abstract Art To Modern Designs. Every wallpaper on the site was created by RAVEfinity Open Source Design Team! Check It Out! >>>

Hopes For Ubuntu 14.04 Support Perhaps...
We'd like to apologize for the lack communication and are very sorry for anyone's comments we have not responded to. It's nothing personal we have been away. We are  now looking into 14.04 support:

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We "Theme" Different!
RAVEfinity's Values:

 We test and scrutinize our work . Never overlooking small details

We strive to provide complete howtos and other documentation with our work.

We strive to bring new ideas and culture to our work. 

We produce original work (In House) OR only base our work on Open Source Content.

We release all of our work under Open Source Licensees. All of which permit you to make changes, Use the work commercially. With minimal requirements on your part. (See "Legal" Details)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The New/Updates

Heres what's new and whats going on with the RAVEfinity project:

1.) The RAVE Wallpaper Collection 1 is Out Now! 250+ Free Open Source Wallpapers Check it out! -->

2.) We have just announced the our next big round of projects have a look!

The RAVEfinity Theme Suite 5 -->

Other Upcoming Plans.  -->

3.) Check Out The Humanity Colors Icon Theme.  Version 12.04! With Official support for Ubuntu 12.04! Is Out. (The Ubuntu Icon Theme in 8 Great Colors) Goes great with the Ambiance and Radiance Colors Theme!

4.) Check Out The Ambiance & Radiance Colors Theme: Version 12.04! With Official support for Ubuntu 12.04! Is Out. Get the Ambiance & Radiance themes in your choice of 8 awesome colors in 2 versions! (Now Available in .Debs and a PPA.

5.)Check Out The Ambiance & Radiance Xfce & LXDE Theme: Version 12.04! With Official support for Ubuntu 12.04! Use the Ambiance & Radiance Themes on the Xfce, LXDE and Openbox desktops. (The most up to date complete port available)

6.)A Help Section has been Added to our site! Put it to good use?

7.) The RAVEfinity Official PPA is Open! Add it to your system to get the latest!..

8.) Our old site: is now being used as the RAVEfinity project blog. Fallow us and get news!