Monday, November 14, 2016

Welcome to RAVEfinity!

Welcome to RAVEfinity! 

Thanks for stopping by!

RAVEfinity is an Open Source Design Project with amazing contributors worldwide. 
We craft carefully designed and Open Source, GUI Themes, Icons Sets & Wallpapers. 
We work mainly with Linux & BSD. But also other platforms for projects like our wallpaper collections.
Our content is truly Open Source. Meaning you can build on and adapt it if you wish.
We always try to add value and care to whatever we touch or base our work on.

Our work aims to empower you to have a unique, enjoyable and personalized experience on Linux or BSD (Or Whatever you use).

We also go out of our way to ensure our themes work on many (Not just 1) GTK desktops like Unity, Cinnamon, Xfce, LXDE, Mate, Gnome & Openbox.

Some of our work is based on other open source work by other amazing artists. We try to always make this evident. And give everyone proper credit.  

Please have a look around,

And Being an Open Source Project don't forget we welcome you to Bookmark us,
Send us any feedback, Share our site & work and Suggest any Ideas or Fixes you have.
No matter how small.

Monday, May 11, 2015

May Update 2 2015

May Update 2 2015

It's been a heck of a development cycle in the last few mouths. We finished releasing Ambaince & Radiance Colors 15.04 for GTK 3.14 Ubuntu 15.04, Debian 8. As many have requested and asked we are now working on Ambiance & Radiance Flat Colors. We have one working proto build for one of the colors already (And thats how it all starts) We had to take a little time off and regroup. On what we feel the proper direction and what we should spend time on. During this time we fooled around with some themes ideas we may do later.

So the short and just is we are working on new stuff. Hope to be done in a bit! :) 

Some Quality Issues In Ubuntu 15.04

Some Quality Issues In Ubuntu 15.04

Ubuntu 15.04 was released in late April. Some Long time or power users have gloated there are no new interesting features from 14.04 LTS. Well besides putting menus on the top of windows (And some aren't really a fan of that) And updated versions of apps. We are not here to talk about this. But my personal feeling is you can't expect new stuff added all the time besides updated appps. But Perhaps every year maybe?

I have been using Ubuntu for along time. And I think they do a really great job as does Debian, Arch etc. I just wanted to bring a few issues to people's attention. With Ubuntu 15.04 some quality control seems to have slipped a little bit. When it come to presentation. The Ubuntu Website recommends users use 14.04. And 15.04 is only supported for 9 Mouths. I feel this and the fact that the Paid Full Time Ubuntu developers have been very busy with other things like The Phone/Tablet and Unity 8 (Next). That some things have gotten swept under the rug. And  perhaps a little bit of carelessness or perhaps just everyone was too busy to notice. I Undsertand and they still did a great job but here are some issues I noticed about 5 Mins after using 15.04.

The issues:

The Music Player by default has a long white line in it!
This can be fixed by updating to a newer build of Rhythmbox Via a PPA. But this is not something that should be happening by default.

The Ambiance & Radaince Themes by default in 15.04 are slightly broken. You may notice toolbar areas of the theme no longer give visual feedback of button presses or inactive state. Now Updating GTK themes for new builds can be a pain. And honestly the lovely folks still did a great job. However I am not sure who is actually in charge of the themes these days. It seemed to be alot of community contributors. And if thats the case they did amazingly well. But some things got missed. We have fixed toolbar feedback in Ambiance & Radiance Colors And Flat. And have even attempted to send they fix back upstrem however being no one really seems to be "In Charge" or care about the GTK theme right now nothing has happened.

I guess this is what happens in the non LTS releases? Maybe? You have a great community working really hard but pushing out something that will only be supported for a limited period of time. So this may introduce some carelessness or rushing? I am not sure. I just wanted to bring some of this up. I have reported the appropriate bugs to projects however I can no longer find them on launchpad. (Launchpad bug search is kinda messy with all the bugs it's not their fault).

On another note "Snappy Ubuntu" and Unity 8 seems really cool but kind of worries me. From a theme perspective. I don't know if 3rd party themes will be supported at all. Any insight on this would be great. And I feel this should be part of the discussion early on. However I have a weird feeling its gonna be a "Nope." If so it is really a shame And I hope it will not be that way.

Again just bringing some things up, Lets make sure 16.04 is awesome as 14.04. And don't be afraid to stay on a LTS if you want.

Again I want to thank everyone who worked hard on 15.04. I am not trying to criticize anyone.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May 2015, Theme Hub Is Now Open!

May 2015, Theme Hub Is Now Open!

The RAVEfinity project is proud to announce the launch of a new service on our Website Called "Theme Hub" A comprehensive listing of GTK widget themes and icon themes. With this, We hope to help users to not have dig through pages and pages of, sometimes old themes. And to find great themes that aren't always easy to find, Unless you know what your looking for. On sites GnomeLook or XFCELook (Or other OpenDesktop sites). 

We aim to aid in discovery of some of the top, upcoming works, anything that works well or is unique. And we leave it to you to pick what you like besr. (We can't list everything but we try to list alot. You can email us if you think we are missing something). We want you to be able to easily theme your Linux & BSD desktops. And not lose track of awesome themes. 

Theme hub lists lots of ways to install themes including PPA, Tar, Deb (When available.) And on top of this we list ways to donate or support the artist of the theme. That was an important driving factor. 

We also hold a high regard of OpenDesktop, XFCELook, GnomeLook and Noobslab etc. Our site is meant to aid in discovery. and works and links very closely to those sites and the themes authors site.

However as some may have noticed GnomeLook (And OpenDesktop) sometimes go down randomly for sevral minutes throughout the day or even a few days at a time! This can be disruptive for when you want to find and install a theme. So Theme Hub is built independent from GnomeLook (And OpenDesktop Sites) Meaning you can browse download and install themes even when GnomeLook or OpenDesktop is down. That being said we highly encourage you to checkout GnomeLook and Noobslab for up the the minute artwork and even submit your own.

We are doing our best to constantly improve it and add to Theme Hub. It list lots of themes by many authors and not just us RAVEfinity. And as a matter of fact to not be bias we never list our themes first. And we don't list themes by ratings. It's up to you to decide. Again we can't list all themes but we are doing our best and feel free to contact us (Above) if you feel we need to add something.

Theme hub lists themes for all major GTK Desktops Including: Unity, Cinnamon, MATE, XFCE, LXDE, Openbox.

We hope you find it useful, feel free to bookmark and leave us your thoughts.

Vist Theme Hub Now --->


Friday, April 24, 2015

April Update 2

April Update 2
We are very happy to release Ambiance & Radiance Colors for Ubuntu 15.04 , LMDE 2, Debian 8 & GTK 3.14. All the work in previous builds really payed off this time! We where not sure how to was going to go but it was really alot better this time. It took about a litte over a week solid (with long hours everyday) to get everything working and ported over. Including testing. 

This is thanks to all the work we did in the last few cycles (We had 8 releases/updates in the 14.04 theme branch) we could just re-use alot of base as it was very soild in our eyes. We ended up just throwing out the GTK 3 Theme and Re-wrting it based on the 15.04 version of Ambiance. On top of this we discovered how to tweak the Ambiance Theme all so slightly to work on Gnome Shell properly. We tried to push this change upstream but no one in stock Ambaince was around to accept it or maybe the ambiance authors don't really care if Ambiance runs on Gnome Shell. Not sure but no matter. It does now! At least our version. We also did a Gnome Shell Theme based on Liberty Shell. And Did a Mutter and Metacity 2 Border based on Satyajit's Numix Window border code (Thanks Satyajit). For some reason the way Gnome Shell is patched or setup on Ubuntu you will see lovely color window buttons so we set those up. But On Debain and other distros you will not always see them in pretty colors so we wrote another "Dark Grey" border for those. Also it's worth mentioning if you are useing this theme on Gnome Shell Disable Overlay Scrollbars!

Anyway we are on to doing Ambiance & Radiance Flat Colors after a short little break. (The last week of development was hectic). We Thank everyone for their support, Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 2015 Project Update

April 2015 Project Update

It's April. Since we last spoke we have pushed out updates for Vibrancy Colors , Vibrantly Simple and the Humanity Colors Icon themes. And we have made a few tweaks to the site. We have another overhaul planned for the site that will remove the ugly header text on pages space and center things and make things cleaner. We have been asked why we don't move to a VPS or design a new site. The simple answer to this is time, a lot of our time is spent working in things we release that you download. There isn't always a lot of time to for me to go back and work on the site. But several things about it are driving me crazy so I hope to get the time to go through and fix and clean things up and maybe down the road when we can design a new site.

New 15.04/ GTK 3.14 (Debian 8, Arch 2015 etc) versions of Ambiance & Radiance Colors and Ambiance & Radiance Flat are planned but I need to stress thease themes take a really long time to do. Weeks as alot of things are done by hand. Though we have automated some things. We are gonna do our best but I have no timetable or date at this time. It would be nice if we could it out by 15.04's release April 25-30th but thats highly optimistic. But who knows. Would like that to happen.

Catch you on the flip side.