Ambiance & Radiance Flat Colors GTK Theme Suite

Ambiance & Radiance Flat
is an modern and vivid re-imagination of the Ambiance & Radiance themes.
Despite the name the theme has been completely re-designed.

Featuring a clean and modern new look in your choice of 13 vibrant colors.
Bringing style, consistency and a more personal touch to your desktop.

Supports most major GTK desktops including:
Cinnamon, Gnome Shell, Gnome Classic, Mate, Xfce, LXDE, Unity, OpenBox Etc.

Supports Linux Systems: Ubuntu 16.04, 14.04, Linux Mint 18.x, Mint 17.x,
Debian 8, LMDE 2 and
other distributions compatible with listed GTK Version(s).

This Theme Suite Supports:
GTK Versions 3.10 - 3.18+

Current release is version: 16.04.1
Released, April 1st, 2016

Sorry This theme is not in active development right now. 
And is not tested on distributions above 16.04 LTS. May not work on distributions newer then 2016.

Arch, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu 17.04+ And Debian Testing Users!
Ambiance Flat Colors does NOT currently support GTK 3.22+ used in your distribution.
It only supports up to GTK 3.18 currently. It will NOT work on newer GTK Builds Yet.

We are sorry. We simply don't have the time to re-write everything, At the current moment.

Linux Mint 18.2 Users. This Theme has just been updated to work correctly,
If you had previous issues please install the 16.04.2 version of theme and try again.

Ambiance & Radiance Flat is a continuation of our Ambiance & Radiance Colors Suite theme (In development since 2011).
It inherits our previous themes 13 bold colors and broad support of many desktops environments.
We include: GTK 2, 3, XFWM, OpenBox, Metacity, Cinnamon, GnomeShell, Unity themes and more in this suite.
Theme Requires about 40 MB of disk space.

Whats The Difference Between Ambiance & Radiance? 
Ambiance: is the darker flavor. dark panel and menu etc.

Ambiance Fusion: is a hybrid blend w/light toolbars. dark panel and menu etc.
Radiance: is the lighter flavor. light panel and menu etc.

This Theme is meant to go nicely with:

Vibrancy Colors Or Vivacious Colors Icon Themes.
Find Out How To Fix MATE Desktop's MintMenu for Dark Themes. 

PPA install instructions are bellow. Scroll down a bit further for packages & tars.
Multiple versions are available, So please scroll down to find the one for your OS version.

Install Now, Using The RAVEfinity PPA:

This theme can be installed on Mint & Ubuntu

& based distributions by using the RAVEfinity PPA.  

Enter These Commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ravefinity-project/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ambiance-flat-colors radiance-flat-colors
These commands are entered into a terminal window.
Ctrl+Alt+T Typically opens a terminal window.


16.04.2 Version

For GTK 3.16 - 3.18 Only

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, 15.10, Linux Mint 18.x

Deb Packages

15.10.2 Version

For GTK 3.14- 3.16 Only

Ubuntu 15.10, 15.04, Debian 8.

Deb Packages

14.04.2 Version

For GTK 3.10 - 3.12 Only

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Linux Mint 17.x


Deb Packages


 Special Thanks To:





Change log:

16.04.1 - New for 2016. Ubuntu LTS Family. GTK 3.18 Support. Fixes for Sidebar spacing, Added Thumbnails for Cinnamon Theme Pane, Fixed Issue W/Mate + Compiz Window Border not kicking in. Fixed CSD GTK 3 App bug In Mate, Ready for LTS!

15.10.2 Overshoot and undershoot scrolling feedback added, Nicer OSD Buttons with better states.
15.10.1 Fixes for OSD buttons used in GTK 3.16 Image Viewer and other apps. Fixes to make Popout menus look pretty again. Google Chrome correctly blends into title-bar and panel.

15.04.5 - Fixes Grey bands when scrolling on some GTK 3.16 Apps (Gnome Rubber-band Issue), Fixes White Gap on top of Nautilus sidebar in GTK 3.16 and Makes theme ready for Firefox when they switch to GTK 3 later this year.

15.04.4 - Fixes to CSD (Client Side Decorations). EG. When you right click to delete a file... The Window that appears in GnomeShell.
All other desktops have and continue to work fine.

15.04.3 - Should be fully GTK 3.16 Ready, Makes Crumbbar/Open Directory State in GTK3 toolbars look correct (Like 14.04 build)
Fixes Default button highlight in GTK Headerbar apps. 

15.04.2 - Fixed Background Wallpaper With Desktop Icons on GnomeShell Issue.

15.04.1 - First release of 3.14/3.16 Branch. Completely ported theme on top of new Ambiance supporting these builds! Not backwards compatible but 14.04 LTS branch is identical.

14.04.2 - (LTS Branch, Still Supported)- September 2015 we had go back and make a small unexpected tweak for Cinnamon and Mint 17.2 As they changed how desktop selected colors work in 17.2. But we went back and fixed it because when we say LTS is supported we mean it is supported!

14.04.1 - (LTS Branch, Still Supported)- This was the First Released version of the theme (We did alot of testing and work and got it right) but this theme is based on our well maintained and highly developed code from Ambiance & Radiance Colors. That version has been through over 14 releases (With 8 just for 14.04 LTS)

Based on the amazing & hard work of:

Canonical, Kenneth Wimer, James Schriver, Andrea Cimitan,

David Barr, p0ng. Please see the readme file for full credits and info.


Ambiance & Radiance Flat Colors: Lead Developer & Designer: Jared Sot. (RAVEfinity)   

Ambiance & Radiance Flat Colors is not created or endorsed by the original Ambiance team.
It is a NEW fully flat ambiance like theme that has been re-designed by RAVEfinity.






Ambiance & Radiance Flat Colors
Licensed: GPL v2

(C) 2014-2017 RAVEfinity