Help & Docs - What Is The RAVEfinity PPA?

What Is The RAVEfinity PPA?

The RAVEfinity PPA provides a way to easily install all our themes and artwork on Ubuntu & Linux Mint. With a click of a mouse or a few simple commands.

With the RAVEfinity PPA you can install all our themes with a simple command or click of a button and you will receive updates through the update manager and never have to think about updating or manually installing anything. You get it all right from RAVEfinity, right when its released!


To Activate The RAVEfinity PPA:


1.) Open a terminal window.  

You can press Ctrl+Alt+T  
Browse and open the terminal application from your application menu. 

2.) Simply paste these two lines into the terminal (1 by 1) Press Enter After Each:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ravefinity-project/ppa

sudo apt-get update

3.) Press Enter to confirm You Want To Add The Software PPA. 

You will be asked to type your login password to confirm.

Now How Do I Install Software Or Themes From This PPA?

Then all you need to do is look for PPA section and paste the "Sudo apt-get install ThemeName" In your terminal.

Or you can search Vibrancy, Vivacious , Ambiance Flat or our other theme names in Synaptic Package Manager or The Software Center.