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Donations Are Handled Securely (Offsite) By Paypal. A Paypal account is NOT required.

We thank you immensely for taking the time to read this.
At this time we can not guarantee any further development of our themes. 

So think of donations as a tip or saying thanks for what we have done do far if you feel like it.
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Many Thanks To These
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Alex I. 

More Ways:

Spread The Word Of What We Do!
Write a post. Share A link to one of our themes.

Report A "BUG" Or Issue With One Of Our Themes Or Artwork.

Simply Email US at: 
Please Try Email us with the Subject:
"Bug Or Issue & It's Description"

Suggest New Ideas, Submit A Fix, New Feature Or Tweak Or Visual Change.

Simply Email US at: 

Please Try Email us with the Subject:
"Suggestion Or Patch and a description"

Join The Project 

Currently We don't have an official process of people "Joining the Project".
But we welcome your submissons (Under Creatative Commons, GPL & BSD)
And if you really want to join email us.

Developer Resources:  

RAVEfinity Projects Official Launchpad Page. 

RAVEfinity Official PPA  

Ambiance And Radiance Colors Project Page (Launchpad)

Please Note: Launchpad is no longer a prefered way of reporting issues with our themes. We encourege email. As this allows us to rapidly work on things.

Getting in Touch/Who Are We:

Name: Jared Sot.  Is The Lead developer Of RAVEfinity. 
His Launchpad nickname is simply "ravefinity"
Jared sometimes replys to comments as ravefinity & sometimes as Jared.