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Know Mint 18.1 Icon Issue:

LINUX MINT 18.1 Cinnamon Users! (Only 18.1 is effected)
Please Note: Nemo Linux Mint's file manager on Cinnamon is having issues with this and our other icon theme. Causing a pause or freeze when clicking on folders... 

We are not 100% sure why this is happening yet. But it ONLY happens on Cinnamon on Mint 18.1. When the theme is installed to /usr/share/themes. It does not happen when installed it .icons in ones home directory. 

Again this only happens in mint. With Our Icon themes and some other 3rd party ones And we have dropped everything and are doing are best to find and fix this issue on our end. However we have spent several hours to no avail we are still working and looking into optimizations.

Please feel free to help out or report the issue to Mint.
That being said we are working hard and trying a few more things like optimizations on our end before we contact the Mint Team. 

Please Note as of 2017:  
The RAVEfinity Open Source project is in an unsure state right now. All project work is only now being done as we have the time. 
We have stopped asking for donations as we do not know when our free work will continue. We sure hope we can continue but we need to focus on Life, EDU and Family. We have been at it since 2010.
And they project takes up ALOT of unpaid time. It's super fun and rewarding creating stuff for everyone and we have met and collaborated with amazing people.

We are doing our best and will still continue to work with partners like Kali Linux And Noobslab. On themes and design work we do with them.

But our themes are no longer sustainable for us.
We love them to bits and we will do our best to update them but we can't make any claims for sure.

As of now we have added full support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Mint 18 LTS to all our current themes meaning they will be fully supported till April 2021.

Thank you again for using our work and supporting us with comments, donations and time. It's been truly life changing.

Hope this is not goodbye.
Thanks again

Quick Note: We do our best to address all bugs/issues reported as soon as possible.
But please understand we have a lot going on and things get super hectic.  Project wise, personally and professionally.

We welcome your comments and feedback. And Will try to respond to you ASAP.
We Generally reply to all emails related to the project so no question is a dumb question.

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