About RAVEfinity

RAVEfinity is an Open Source design project that proudly designs user interface themes, elements, icons and other artwork for the Linux desktop. 

Despite how simple that may sound. We spend hours, weeks and sometimes even mouths!

Working on themes and artwork that we hope will delight users and help them create a unique Linux desktop of their very own. We have been at this since 2010. A lot of work goes into making the themes we do. They offer ample customization. And we work really hard to polish and fix the rough edges.

We have been contracted by several 3rd parties to create a unique user interface and look and feel for their systems and applications.

Our work even inspired the Linux Mint Distribution to include multi-colored folders and UI themes.
And Our theme Vibrancy lives on in and inspired the new icon theme Mint-Y used by thousands of Linux Mint users.

It's honestly hard to explain what we do. Because its more complicated then it sounds. We make unique user experiences that users see and "enjoy" everyday.

RAVEfinity is sponsored by users who contribute or donate.
And we donate as much free time as we can to the project. Occasionally we also consult for other companies and that helps sponsor the project as well. 

RAVEfinity Project Members:

Founder, Lead Designer And Developer:
Jared Sot. (username: ravefinity) 

Project Contributors:

Umair R.
Ubuntu, Mint, Debian & PPA. Packaging Lead
John A.
Arch Linux (AUR) Packaging Lead

Special Thanks:

To those who use or promote our work.

To those who have reported bugs or gave input or ideas.

To those who have summited fixes or told us they enjoy our work. 

To those who have donated! 

And thank you to... You!