About RAVEfinity

RAVEfinity Is an open source design project/team. We craft carefully designed artwork and User Interface items such as GUI Desktop Themes, Icon Sets, Wallpapers and other media. We work primarily with Linux(Or BSD on occasions). Our aim is to empower Users to customize and make their desktops truly beautifully their own. We do this by crafting elegantly designed themes and artwork for you. Our themes provide a slew of personalization and customization options. You can pick colors, button styles , and more all in a elegant simple package. (No manually picking or tweaking of text files or anything needed.) On top of providing these options we always ensure the themes are compatible on a wide range of desktops. In fact we created the first updated port of Ambiance & Radiance for XFCE & LXDE. A since this a lot of work is put into making sure other desktops like MATE, Cinnamon , XFCE , LXDE and Openbox work and look great with all our themes. Despite other themes including support for other desktops you will find we try to test and refine things to work and look as good as they can across the board.
Our Lineup has progressed a lot since we started. But we feel we can offer the most with our current GTK themes Ambiance Colors and Ambiance Flat. We have tweaked and done our own design in these themes and feel they offer what we envision. Thus these are our main GTK Themes offerings. We also offer and work on the Humanity Colors , Vibrantly Simple and Vibrancy Colors Icon themes.
Some themes in Our previous Lineup Included Mint-X Colors or as well called it… RAVE-X Colors and RAVE-X Icons. These took the Mint-X theme and Updated it with Unity and gtk2 dark panel support and also made it come 13 awesome new colors. These themes have recently inspired Linux Mint, And the Mint-X Theme Developers to do different color themes in Mint 17.1 inspired by the colors and design in our theme. According to lead Mint-X theme developer Joseph M. They have done a great job with this and we feel very happy we could do a very small part in influencing this to happen. (Thus we may no longer have to offer this since the Mint guys are going to be doing it. Not 100% sure yet.)
Due to all the extra options like colors, Testing and integration we do. Our development cycle sometimes takes a little longer than other themes that publish one or two versions in one color.
On top of GTK Themes and Icon Themes we also have dabbled and done or own wallpapers known as RAVE Wallpaper Collection 1 & 2. With more coming soon perhaps.

RAVEfinity History

Our project has come a long way since it was founded in 2009 as iravefuzion (Being renamed to RAVEfinity later that year) When our project was founded in 2009 we were trying to create a icon theme and GTK Theme with lots of eye candy and pretty visuals like OSX had at the time but in a unique non copy cat or imitating way. A lot of GTK themes at this time where not very shiny or photorelistic. It was called RAVEH20 and we got all the way to version 4 it was based on a few other great projects that we fused together. Version 5 was in development in 2010-11 but we had to halt it due to GTK3 being released and the theme would take a lot of work to port to gtk3 (If you make a theme you have to write two spate themes one for GTK2 and one for GTK 3) This was early gtk3 days things kind of sucked back then. (They have gotten better now.) Thus the theme was never released and we regrouped and rethought everything. We returned in Late 2011 with Ambiance & Radiance XFCE and Ambiance & Radiance Colors. We felt we could do something new and that no one had done fully , The highly popular Ambiance & Radiance themes by Ubuntu/Canonical but with enhancements and in lots of new colors (Ambiance by Ubuntu comes in 1 color, orange we added lots more something a lot of people want in a easy to use and install package). We also did a Humanity Colors Icon theme to match (And other new icon and gtk themes down the road).
This turned out to be a highly desired theme suite and worthwhile project. Because people wanted the Ambiance theme in more than the stock Orange it comes in and we provided this. We also made many enhancements and “improvements” we added full Xfce and Lxde Desktop support (A feature missing from stock Ambiance) Unified Toolbars and Menu bars and many other things.
Fast forward and we refined and did it even better in our new 14.04 release of Ambiance & Radiance Colors. (We made 8 updates to this release in 2014 making it very awesome we hope.)
We feel Ambiance & Radiance are awesome themes and an awesome way to see and experience your desktop. However it is now 2015 and Design has changed a lot in the last 1-2 years (For better or worse I don’t know) There is a new trend that everyone is doing; it’s called “Flat & Simple” The argument is it is cleaner and more refined to use simple colors and no gradient or shading in most of the UI. It’s spread like rampant though nearly every website, OS and UI nowadays. The Original Ubuntu Ambiance has not adopted this in anyway yet. And honestly that may be a good or bad thing who knows. But we feel we wanted it to be an option for users who wanted a desktop like this; Flat and simple. Not offering this we feel like we are not keeping up or at last being competitive with other platforms that offer this Thus we spent we started and planning prototyping and developing what would later become Ambiance & Radaince Flat Colors. (This was a multiple mouth endeavor in 2014 and our biggest production to date. We completely redesigned and reimaged the Ambiance & Radiance Themes completely flat.) We also did a reimaged completely dark version. And during all this we had to pause development to create two new modern icon themes to go with this flat theme called Vibrantly Simple and Vibrancy Colors. These themes also work with our non flat themes too. As you can tell it was quite the effort. And we hope to continue development on both the flat and non flat versions so users have a choice.
We have been very fortunate to have the amazing help from a lot of users in the community who sent us bug reports, patches and help. (see our Credits for this bellow)
We hope to continue doing unique and beautiful work for the community, with your support and feedback of coerce. 

Thank you. –RAVEfinity.

RAVEfinity Project Members:

Founder, Lead Designer And Developer:
Jared Sot. (username: ravefinity) 

Project Contributors:

Umair R.
Ubuntu, Mint, Debian & PPA. Packaging Lead
John A.
Arch Linux (AUR) Packaging Lead

Special Thanks:

To those who have reported bugs or gave input or ideas!

To those who have summited fixes or told us they enjoy our work. 

To those who have donated! 

And Thank You To, You!