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A comprehensive listing of GTK widget themes and icon themes.
No more digging through pages and pages of old themes!
Easily theme your Linux & BSD desktops. And don't lose track of awesome themes.

Some pages need a update but things should mostly work.
Especially for those on Mint, Ubuntu or Debian.

Most Themes Here Support:
Cinnamon, Unity, GnomeShell, MATE, XFCE, LXDE,
OpenBox & Other GTK Desktops

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Theme Hub makes it super easy to checkout install and use all sorts of themes in a matter of seconds. All the info you need is listed to get things installed, support the themes author and more. The themes here are listed so that you can be sure they will work on your distro. And ones that don't support your GTK build are not shown. There is alot of great themes but Gnomelook and some other sites can be hard to find what you want. So theme hub aims to deliver you a refined listing. For when you don't feel like hunting through listings of hundreds of themes. Some of which no longer work or are not updated anymore.

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