Humanity Colors Icon Theme

The Humanity Colors Icon Theme brings you Ubuntu's Default Humanity Icon Theme in 14 awesome new colors that Pop! Goes great with the Ambiance and Radiance Colors Suite Theme. Works on any linux distro! And on most GTK Desktops like Unity, Cinnamon, XFCE, LXDE, MATE, Openbox.

New Version For 2015: 15.04 (Works On All Distros Old and New)
Featuring: 14 Completely Refined (again) Colors. And 3 New Colors.
Aqua-Tru, Green-Mate And Now A Better Manilla Folder Color.  

Updated: April 1st. Even better colors again! Whoa!

A Icon Theme That Comes in 14 Beautiful New Dark Colors that Pop With Both Dark and Light Panel Support.
The Latest Default Ubuntu Icon Theme (With very few changes) In any color you want!
Colors are in new beautiful dark shades that pop. perfectly matching the Ambiance and Radiance Colors GTK Theme (Meant to go with one another)

Installer Package is 14 MB (.Tar.gz or .Deb)
Once installed Icon Theme Requires 110 MB

What Version is Which?
Humanity-Dark has icons for dark panels.
Humanity has icons for light panels.

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Any distro from April 2010 and later

A GTK Desktop Since this a GTK Icon Theme.


Bulletin Board  For Users Of This Theme: 

The current release is 15.04, There is no know issues at this time.

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Support Status: 15.04 Theme Is Supported. (Works on any distro 10.04+)

Previous Version support has ended as all users should be able to upgrade to 15.04 version of theme on any system (even on older systems it will work.)

Other news and information:  No recent blog posts (Besides release announcement) or any other news at this time.

PPA Users Update Log And Information:
15.04 - Was Released on April 1st 2015
- Brand New Colors Again!, Fixes, Independent theme now.

Licensed Under the GPL v2.0
Based on GPL work by: Jennie Petoumenou, Daniel Foré , Jonian Guveli , and K.Vishnoo Charan Reddy and RAVEfinity (See README for full credits & details)