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This page is in early stages please mind the mess.

Getting Involved With Vivacious GTK Theme.

Developer and Contributor portal.
See bellow on how to get started working or editing vivacious yourself! 

Vivacious GTK aims to be a "serious 3rd party theme" With your support. And with it's new code-base is much easier to contribute to and dig into.

One config file (gtk-widgets.css) for each of the 4 variations can literally be swapped between every color meaning updates should be faster and not a complicated process! Also 3rd party contributions should be much easier! All you have to do is target one version.

Vivacious Issue Tracker.
Known Issues Or Quirks:
(See bellow to get started and help fix them!)

1.) Widgets in Unity-Tweak and Gnome User Manager do not show outline when hovered over. (Fix ASAP)

2.) Dark & Fusion Menus show white buttons on top and bottom of menu when scrolling a large menu.  (Medium)

3.) Gedit on GnomeShell bottom arrows are hard to see. On Dark variation.(Medium)

4.) Desktop Icons text do not change to backdrop state. Stay highlighted in active color when clicked  (Undecided.)

5.) Light Versions show extra Grey line (Does not blend) on menubars on some desktop and apps. (Medium)

6.) MATE combobox menus have shadowing quirks when useing Marco (Accelerated) or Mutter (Accelerated) Mate should really fix this. (Medium)

7.) Gedit on Ubuntu. Open Save buttons are chopped off on the left side! This ony happens on Unity! Can it be fixed? Why is it happening?

Thats all we know! If that sounds like alot consider this. All themes have quirks but do not really make them public... or list them.

Some Ways To Contribute:

1.) Send Bug and reports and feedback. 

The best way to do this is to leave a comment bellow or on the theme page its self or email us at

2.) Help Package the Theme for Fedora or OpenSUSE.
Anyone who has the know how or to connections to RPMFusion etc.
Email us at

3.) Donate Or Tip The Development Team.
Don't believe in charging for themes. But if you really like the theme and want to show your support see here --->

4.) Dig into the theme code and make changes! and send them back!
See bellow...

Start Working on or developing Vivacious Colors GTK with us!
With Vivacious Colors GTK we want to welcome lots of outside contributions and ideas! Or if you have time to tackle the issues listed above!

Want to start working on or contributing to Vivacious GTK code?
Lets get you familiar and started!

Lets Get setup.

Extract it to the .Themes in your home folder? This is hidden. you have to press Ctrl+H to show and hide hidden folders. If it does not exist it must be created.

If you do this. make sure other versions are not installed else-ware like /usr/share/themes or they will conflict

Fire up a good text editor. We highly recommend gedit. or Geany.

Start editing Theme code!...

Heres how Vivacious is laid out and how works...

There is a total of 54 folders.

13 Colors and 4 Variations.

Varations are Dark, Light, Fusion and Blackout.

If you make changes they may need to be applied to these four variations separately

There is few special folders for GnomeShell and Cinnamon and Meta-city themes.

To start making changes pick a color. and variation. and most changes will like take place in the gtk-widgets.css (For GTK3) and gtkrc for GTK 2. We recommend leaving GTK2 alone at this point.

Once you make changes save and test them... look at all areas. see if your changes broke anything!

You can copy and paste your gtk-widgets file to all colors of the same variation and it will work. if you make changes and want to submit them please send the entire gtk-widgets.css file to us in a tar. and preferably the entire color and folder.

If you are going to fix or submit a patch to Vivacious Color GTK please make your changes to to Blue-Spring Color. We will apply your changes to the rest of the colors. It's pretty easy actually the gtk-widgets.css can be copied and pasted into any color or the same variation (Dark, Light) and will work.