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Ambiance & Radiance For Xfce & LXDE 15.04

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Ambiance & Radiance For XFCE & LXDE
Is A refined and tested port of Ambiance/Radiance themes for the XFCE & LXDE desktops.
Now you can easily have the "unified experience" of Ambiance & Radiance themes on the Xfce,LXDE and Openbox desktops.

Includes both: Ambiance & Radiance GTK2&3 Widget and Window border themes.

* Installs as a separate theme from the main Ambiance/Radiance, for use with XFCE/LXDE only. (please use official 

 Ambiance/Radiance for Gnome/Unity)

NEW! Updated for and now supporting Ubuntu 15.04 and 14.04 LTS

New in the 15.04 & 14.04.3 Update:

Major Fixes for non Debian Users, XFCE Window Borders should work 100% now.

Fixes for Xubuntu Panel.

Brand New Theme included with suppport for MATE & Cinnamon.

Ambiance Now Has Dark Menus on XFCE , LXDE , MATE and GTK 2 Apps! A long requested feature,
Thanks and credit go to Benoit T who mastered it. check out his Theme Ambiance Crunchy as well.

XFCE Whisker Menu is now supported and looks great.

XFWM Window Borders now have unified bars (No more separator line).

XFWM Window Border sides are now 2px (bigger) to make resizing easy.

OpenBox Theme has been Updated so Buttons Animate when moused over properly.

XFCE and LXDE Panels now theme even better out of the box without issue. including panel widgets, apps, panel buttons etc. (Radiance (The Light theme) users may need to manaully set panel background but Ambiance does it all right for you.)


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The current release is:  15.04 & 14.04.3

Support Status: 15.04 & 14.04.3 Themes are Supported.

Other news and information:  No recent blog posts (Besides release announcement) or any other news at this time.

PPA Users Update Log And Information:
15.04 & 14.04.3

Licensed Under the GPL v2.0
Based on GPL work by: Canonical (Ubuntu Linux) Kenneth Wimer, James Schriver, Andrea Cimitan,David Barr,p0ng. and RAVEfinity (See README for full credits & details)


  1. when installing this theme on Xubuntu 12.04, the menu's are still white or grey. Only gtk3 apps like software center have dark menu's not the desktop panel or thunar.

    1. In order to fix that, I opened with a text editor /usr/share/themes/ambiance-xfce-lxde/gtk-2.0/gtkrc and I replaced on line 341 aprox:
      style "menu" {
      xthickness = 0
      ythickness = 0

      engine "murrine"
      roundness = 0
      ADD THIS:
      style "menu" = "dark" {
      xthickness = 0
      ythickness = 0

      bg[NORMAL] = "#43423f"
      bg[INSENSITIVE] = "#43423f"
      fg[INSENSITIVE] = shade (0.54, "#43423f")

      engine "murrine"
      roundness = 0

    2. Added Dark Menus thanks for the tip.

    3. Hi,
      Title bars are still grey after applying this theme.
      Uploaded a screenshot at
      Panel - black, title bar - light grey, menu bar - black
      Looks odd :(

    4. Hmm, This looks like the Window Manager theme was not selected you have to do that in the xfce settings app, I am hopeing to work on a more in depth guide soon just been super busy.

      Be sure to select the Ambiance "Window Manager Theme" Under "Window Manager" In the XFCE Settings App, It looks like it is using a diffrent one. You have to select window manager theme and gtk style separately in xfce changing the gtk theme only will not work like in Unity etc.

      If you have it selected under window manager theme and still have this issue make sure you installed it from the .Deb package as it may be a permission issue.

      Hope we can get it working for ya.

  2. Hi everyone,

    This theme is the only one that works really great with Xfce! By the way, I currently use UbuntuStudio 12.10 (Xfce desktop) and I sadly have to use Crunchy version of Ambiance theme but the result is not as good as this one..

    So a question: do you plan to make it work with Xubuntu 12.10 and newer releases?


    1. Just updated for 14.04 is April sorry about the delay.

  3. Hi

    Nice work!

    One minor issue: the notification zone in Ambiance theme remains in the light mode (radiance); is there something to do?



    1. Thanks for the comment. sorry to hear about the issue. That might be related to XFCE notify. We may need to bundle a theme for it. This is on XFCE? could you send a screen-shot if you have time. I will see what can be done.

    2. I'm hitting the same issue on Xubuntu 14.04 (just upgraded from 12.04):
      Another theme (Numix) doesn't have the problem:
      I'm currently "working" around the problem:
      by replacing:
      with the Numix/gtk-3.0/gtk-widgets.css file. If you have a solution to the problem that doesn't involve crudely replacing an entire file it would be awesome to hear.
      I realized it had to do with the gtk-3.0 files from:

    3. Thanks for pointing this out and finding the culprit of it. I was not aware of xfce using gtk3 widgets, But as you show in Xubuntu they use a special gtk3 indicator widget with more features then the stock one. I will need to grab Xubuntu and have a look at what I can do. Thank you for pointing this out and isolating the issue. We are in the middle of two releases right now we hope to finish those and then release a update .

    4. No rush, just wanted to give you the result of my research. I used the old one with xubuntu 12.04 for a while previously and quite liked it. Thanks for making an XFCE version of the theme!

    5. Quick note guys Just pushed the update with the fixes, Thanks for your help.