Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 2016 Project Update.

May 2016 Project Update.

Hello everyone. We wanted to give you a brief update about what is going on. It's may! We have worked very hard the last few mouths to get all our themes ready and updated for 16.04 LTS and Mint 18 LTS. (GTK 3.18)  And we are happy to say we have done so. More testing for Mint will be needed as well as more tweaks most likely. It's exciting to have a new LTS release out. After this release it appears things will be changing a lot... But lets try to stay positive.

We have updated about 5 different theme suites. some of them multiple times. We even completely re-wrote a Theme from scratch to work better on GTK 3.18 and GnomeShell. As you can imagine this wears on one person. Doing this after getting home from my "real job" everyday. Our work is never done. We need to re-write everything again to work on GTK 3.20 because they changed it that much. We also have many little papercutt bugs in our two icon themes that need to be fixed. I want to do this And have been working nearly non-stop for 3 mouths after my "real job" each day. I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their support and anyone who donated even any small amount. As well as thank Umair from Noobslab, and ThePilot for helping us with packaging.

Please understand that your support of the project is much appreciated. Thank you.  I am but one humble person. And I don't want to let anyone down. Doing my best to get all these things done with the limited time I have. Thank you for understanding.  Cross your fingers I can pull off a miracle and get the main GTK theme re-written for 3.20. then fix all the litte things we need to with the icon themes.

I don't really know a timeframe as this time. I really want to get this done but please understand I do this in my free time after work (I have two jobs) and on my days off. While taking college classes. So things can be quite hectic. That being said I never "rush" this design work.  I really work to do everything cleanly and refined as possible.

Doing our best for you guys thanks for the support.
Jared - RAVEfinity

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