Tuesday, March 8, 2016

RAVEfinity 2016! March-April Open Letter.

RAVEfinity 2016! March-April Open Letter.

Hello Everyone. RAVEfinity is back for 2016 and We have just wrapped updating all our GTK Themes for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Mint 18 etc. Sounds simple but it was a lot of work.

What next? We are working on a exciting New GTK theme that looks a lot like Ambiance & Radiance Flat Colors but is completely re-written in a more modern, clean and efficient way. (The GTK 3 part) It has many new features, goodies. And we hope to support newer versions of GTK and all GTK 3 Desktops alot better with it. Ambiance is nice but has issues with GnomeShell and other desktops. No more! we are breaking away. Our theme will still allow you to express yourself in 13+ awesome colors and designs. We hope to offer more timely updates and easier ways to get involved and help.

Ubuntu will be up to some interesting things this year. But we are not sure how our work fits into them. So to be safe we need to be independent in case users are not able to install themes on snappy or Unity 8 (16.10+) We need to support more desktops and more options. We have always tried to do this but we are taking it a step further now. Gnome Shell, Cinnamon, XFCE, MATE. Being large areas of continued foucus. Distos like Arch, Debian, Mint, Fedora, OpenSuse we hope to support better then we did being our new themes will not be reliant of Ambiance. Don't get us wrong we still value Ubuntu tremendously and want them to do well. But we need to spread out our focus in case we get pushed out by Unity 8 and Snappy.

It's worth noting 16.04 will be usable for many years to come and thats why we are putting all out efforts into making sure all our themes will run on it in tip top shape!

By the way Ubuntu & MATE Users who want to use Compiz. We have finally fixed a issue that prevent the window decorations working in our Ambiance Themes. Plus a CSD GTK 3 app issue. In our defense we did not hear about this issue till December of 2015. And the reason for the break was kind of strange. Cinnamon has no issues for example using the older borders. Ironically the fix was to revert to older code in the meta-city theme file without certin properties. Those properties are not used anymore but they are newer code. So it was essentially reverting to old code!? It looks and runs the same from all our tests.
I really hope we are all good here. I was nervous about changing it on peoples current 15.10 installs so we waited till 16.04 to do it after lots of tests. fingers crossed everything seems fine from our extensive tests but with themes you never know.

Fianlly Icon Themes!
Thank you everyone for your reports and submissions we want to get new versions of thease out soon. The issue is we need to get the new gtk theme out first so please bare with us.

Heres to a great 2016!
I want to thank everyone who has messaged us, sent bug reports, comments, suggestions. And donations (we got a few) we greatly appreciate it . We hope to do the comminity proud this year.

Thanks again
RAVEfinity (Jared)

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