Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New GTK Theme Vivacious Colors!

New GTK Theme Vivacious Colors!

RAVEfinity has been hard at work on a new GTK 3 theme called Vivacious Colors. And after 3 Mouths we are happy to release the first version 16.04.1 For GTK 3.18. Right in time for Ubuntu LTS and Mint LTS! And all other Distros as well. We love them all.

So you might be saying hey this theme looks a lot like Ambiance & Radiance Flat.... Well we wanted to keep the look But this theme has been completely re-written top to bottom (The GTK 3 part) based on newer code. And has many new features enhancements and goodies.

Right off the bat GnomeShell is supported 100% with minimal quirks (vs Ambiance Flat!) And we have brand new Cinnamon Shell themes. Unity, XFCE, LXDE and Openbox all work as well.

Vivacious Colors GTK signals RAVEfinitys embrace of all types of GTK desktops and Linux Distros. We always tried to do this but with this theme We are no longer tied to a Distro specific theme codebase!

This was a tuff one but... There is no longer "Pro" Versions of the theme with MonoChrome Window buttons at this time. We had to make a tuff decision Include 54+ more themes just to have have monochrome buttons or embrace the idea of the Window button expressing your color. This new theme only has 58 Folders Vs. 104 and is only 55 MB vs. 104 MB. Furthermore the gtk-widget code it hot swappable in the same variation meaning maintenance is a lot easier. The old monochrome button resources are still there (In 2 different folders) and through some tricky you can replace the colors with them. (Howto soon?)

Update: We have added Pro monochrome window buttons back in 16.04.2. Because we found they where really missed. That and they really make the theme better for some users with less color acurate displays (Businesses class laptops & cheaper LCDs)

This is out first release and we have done our darnest to make it awesome. We had to make tuff decisions that we hope benefit users. It's easy to get carried away and want to include everything but the kitchen sink. We have tried to focus and make clean and hard line decisions.     

Vivacious Colors GTK is a NEW GTK 3/2 Theme that features a clean, vibrant and customizable look in 4 Styles. Light, Dark, Blackout, Fusion (Hybrid). Every style comes in 13 vivid colors.
Allowing you to make your desktop truly your own! ... Or you can just "be boring" and choose "Spring Blue".

GnomeShell users will find Vivacious Fully CSD compliant and ready for GnomeShell! And there is a few Cinnamon Shell Themes at long last too! And full support for Unity, Xfce, Mate, LXDE. OpenBox etc.  

Vivacious aims to be "serious 3rd party theme" With your support. And with it's new code-base is much easier to contribute to and dig into.

The GTK 3 portion of the theme has been completely re-written from scratch to look and work much better on a wide variety of desktops. While it bares resemblance to Ambiance & Radiance Flat Colors GTK Theme. The theme is based on a completely different codebase that should be cleaner, faster and easier to maintain for years to come. Ambiance code is getting a little dated and hard to maintain for non Unity Desktops.

The Vivacious GTK Theme has been re-written top to bottom to better support more desktops from the start! Including full support for GnomeShell & Cinnamon! (Vs. Vivacious Colors GTK Theme) But Vivacious Also Still Fully supports Unity, XFCE, MATE, LXDE, OpenBox and more as well!

The team hopes to make vivacious a rolling theme! It is not based on Ubuntu Ambiance code thus we have a easier time updating it with new Gnome Shell releases. We Hope. With your support.

Note! This theme is only for Ubuntu 15.10, 16.04 LTS, Mint 18 LTS, Debian Testing, Fedora 23 and OpenSuse Users With GTK 3.16, 3.18. If you need support for older versions please use Ambiance & Radiance Colors!

Check It Out Here / Grab It!!! --->

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  1. a wonderful set of themes one may adjust as to match your very own and maybe special tastes.

    i'm wondering if i could change any value in the Vivacious-AA-GnomeShell-Black.css file to force gnome to highlight the 'selected-window-frames' when flipping through open app-windows (in german this occurs for instance under the 'aktivitäten-menü', maybe activities-menu in english?) or through the clipboard to my preferred color(this file sets it to light gray-silverish, but i want it yellow because i am using zBlackout-Yellow-Pro). and i also want to get the 'blue' out of the login-screen.

    any hints?....thanks