Monday, May 11, 2015

Some Quality Issues In Ubuntu 15.04

Some Quality Issues In Ubuntu 15.04

Ubuntu 15.04 was released in late April. Some Long time or power users have gloated there are no new interesting features from 14.04 LTS. Well besides putting menus on the top of windows (And some aren't really a fan of that) And updated versions of apps. We are not here to talk about this. But my personal feeling is you can't expect new stuff added all the time besides updated appps. But Perhaps every year maybe?

I have been using Ubuntu for along time. And I think they do a really great job as does Debian, Arch etc. I just wanted to bring a few issues to people's attention. With Ubuntu 15.04 some quality control seems to have slipped a little bit. When it come to presentation. The Ubuntu Website recommends users use 14.04. And 15.04 is only supported for 9 Mouths. I feel this and the fact that the Paid Full Time Ubuntu developers have been very busy with other things like The Phone/Tablet and Unity 8 (Next). That some things have gotten swept under the rug. And  perhaps a little bit of carelessness or perhaps just everyone was too busy to notice. I Undsertand and they still did a great job but here are some issues I noticed about 5 Mins after using 15.04.

The issues:

The Music Player by default has a long white line in it!
This can be fixed by updating to a newer build of Rhythmbox Via a PPA. But this is not something that should be happening by default.

The Ambiance & Radaince Themes by default in 15.04 are slightly broken. You may notice toolbar areas of the theme no longer give visual feedback of button presses or inactive state. Now Updating GTK themes for new builds can be a pain. And honestly the lovely folks still did a great job. However I am not sure who is actually in charge of the themes these days. It seemed to be alot of community contributors. And if thats the case they did amazingly well. But some things got missed. We have fixed toolbar feedback in Ambiance & Radiance Colors And Flat. And have even attempted to send they fix back upstrem however being no one really seems to be "In Charge" or care about the GTK theme right now nothing has happened.

I guess this is what happens in the non LTS releases? Maybe? You have a great community working really hard but pushing out something that will only be supported for a limited period of time. So this may introduce some carelessness or rushing? I am not sure. I just wanted to bring some of this up. I have reported the appropriate bugs to projects however I can no longer find them on launchpad. (Launchpad bug search is kinda messy with all the bugs it's not their fault).

On another note "Snappy Ubuntu" and Unity 8 seems really cool but kind of worries me. From a theme perspective. I don't know if 3rd party themes will be supported at all. Any insight on this would be great. And I feel this should be part of the discussion early on. However I have a weird feeling its gonna be a "Nope." If so it is really a shame And I hope it will not be that way.

Again just bringing some things up, Lets make sure 16.04 is awesome as 14.04. And don't be afraid to stay on a LTS if you want.

Again I want to thank everyone who worked hard on 15.04. I am not trying to criticize anyone.

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