Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May 2015, Theme Hub Is Now Open!

May 2015, Theme Hub Is Now Open!

The RAVEfinity project is proud to announce the launch of a new service on our Website Called "Theme Hub" A comprehensive listing of GTK widget themes and icon themes. With this, We hope to help users to not have dig through pages and pages of, sometimes old themes. And to find great themes that aren't always easy to find, Unless you know what your looking for. On sites GnomeLook or XFCELook (Or other OpenDesktop sites). 

We aim to aid in discovery of some of the top, upcoming works, anything that works well or is unique. And we leave it to you to pick what you like besr. (We can't list everything but we try to list alot. You can email us if you think we are missing something). We want you to be able to easily theme your Linux & BSD desktops. And not lose track of awesome themes. 

Theme hub lists lots of ways to install themes including PPA, Tar, Deb (When available.) And on top of this we list ways to donate or support the artist of the theme. That was an important driving factor. 

We also hold a high regard of OpenDesktop, XFCELook, GnomeLook and Noobslab etc. Our site is meant to aid in discovery. and works and links very closely to those sites and the themes authors site.

However as some may have noticed GnomeLook (And OpenDesktop) sometimes go down randomly for sevral minutes throughout the day or even a few days at a time! This can be disruptive for when you want to find and install a theme. So Theme Hub is built independent from GnomeLook (And OpenDesktop Sites) Meaning you can browse download and install themes even when GnomeLook or OpenDesktop is down. That being said we highly encourage you to checkout GnomeLook and Noobslab for up the the minute artwork and even submit your own.

We are doing our best to constantly improve it and add to Theme Hub. It list lots of themes by many authors and not just us RAVEfinity. And as a matter of fact to not be bias we never list our themes first. And we don't list themes by ratings. It's up to you to decide. Again we can't list all themes but we are doing our best and feel free to contact us (Above) if you feel we need to add something.

Theme hub lists themes for all major GTK Desktops Including: Unity, Cinnamon, MATE, XFCE, LXDE, Openbox.

We hope you find it useful, feel free to bookmark and leave us your thoughts.

Vist Theme Hub Now --->


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