Friday, April 24, 2015

April Update 2

April Update 2
We are very happy to release Ambiance & Radiance Colors for Ubuntu 15.04 , LMDE 2, Debian 8 & GTK 3.14. All the work in previous builds really payed off this time! We where not sure how to was going to go but it was really alot better this time. It took about a litte over a week solid (with long hours everyday) to get everything working and ported over. Including testing. 

This is thanks to all the work we did in the last few cycles (We had 8 releases/updates in the 14.04 theme branch) we could just re-use alot of base as it was very soild in our eyes. We ended up just throwing out the GTK 3 Theme and Re-wrting it based on the 15.04 version of Ambiance. On top of this we discovered how to tweak the Ambiance Theme all so slightly to work on Gnome Shell properly. We tried to push this change upstream but no one in stock Ambaince was around to accept it or maybe the ambiance authors don't really care if Ambiance runs on Gnome Shell. Not sure but no matter. It does now! At least our version. We also did a Gnome Shell Theme based on Liberty Shell. And Did a Mutter and Metacity 2 Border based on Satyajit's Numix Window border code (Thanks Satyajit). For some reason the way Gnome Shell is patched or setup on Ubuntu you will see lovely color window buttons so we set those up. But On Debain and other distros you will not always see them in pretty colors so we wrote another "Dark Grey" border for those. Also it's worth mentioning if you are useing this theme on Gnome Shell Disable Overlay Scrollbars!

Anyway we are on to doing Ambiance & Radiance Flat Colors after a short little break. (The last week of development was hectic). We Thank everyone for their support, Enjoy.

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