Friday, March 20, 2015

March 2015 Update

March 2015 Update

We have been very busy with so many things it's hard to even write a post. We just released a updated build of RAVE-X Icons 2.0. We are now working to do another update to Vibrancy Colors (2.1) and Vibrantly Simple. One of the big things in this is we are hopeing to add full support for the Folder Color Extension (A Nemo, Nautilus, Caja, Files Extenstion that alows you to right click and change folder colors on the fly.)

Vibrancy colors 2.1 will include a lovely bunch of enhancements and a new folder color "Green Viva" a darker calmer green. We felt this was needed. XFCE 4.12 fixes will also make their way into the theme. Our hope is we can get things to a really awesome level and state and the icons themes will be set for a bit while we shift resources to GTK Themes for a little bit.

We have to do a re-write for 3 GTK Themes for GTK 3.14 (And we ask it to please work for 3.16 or we are gonna cry.) Suites its going to long and tedious. It is truly is a long process since we have so many colors. It takes weeks or mouths. so we apologize for any delays. We want to get these out Sometime in April if possible however we can't make any promises as to a date.

Our build process for Ambiance and Radiance Colors and Ambiance and Radiance Flat Colors is long and tedious. Hundreds of files have to be edited by hand. The theme is truly handcrafted in many areas. But we have stepped up automation and are doing things alot more efficient. Also note that the things done by hand are run through a script that compares and we also manually test everything so we don't make a random error or typing mistake on any of the colors (Hopefully).

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