Thursday, January 22, 2015

Development Update Feb 2015

Development Update Feb 2015

So... Whats going on? 

We have successfully rolled out sevral new iterations of Vibrancy Colors Icons in these last two mouths alone. All based on user feedback and design vision. We are very happy to announce Vibrancy Colors is now version 2.0! With Full GTK 3.14 Support now. It's amazing how far things have come already and the tremendous amount of feedback and support we have received is very humbling. has helped us so much to push these new builds out really quick.

Whats next? Well we are waiting a little bit longer for a stable Ambiance 3.14 ready theme by Ubuntu to be pushed out for 15.04 then we will be porting the Ambiance & Radiance Colors themes. I am not sure how long this is going to take us this time. We have made many smart changes and automations to the build process to make things alot faster but it still will take some times to port our Colors Themes (Flat and Regular) to the new base. As many things need human intervention and we have to name 100+ files by hand. :)   

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