Thursday, December 4, 2014

December Part 1

December is here. And we've been working hard to bring you a brand new, modern theme. Redesigned from top to bottom.

 Ambiance Flat. Is a Modern , Beautiful and flat "reboot" of the Ambiance & Radiance GTK 2/3 Themes. It features a modern and clean "flat" look in your choice of 13 vibrant colors.

With fully integrated and tested support for: many of the popular desktops Including: Unity , Cinnamon, MATE, XFCE , LXDE , OpenBox , Gnome Classic & Fallback. And We have reworked everything, so now one theme works on all desktops no separate versions cluttering things up.

This theme was highly requested by users of our other theme Ambiance Colors. And we wanted to do a Flat theme like this, for a long time. We are glad to be able to do this at last. It was a hectic, Top secret 4 Mouth development cycle.There was so much we had to and wanted to do, That it was a little overwhelming at times. But It was a blast with lots of "Wow I like how that looks" moments. It took a lot of time but we feel it was well worth it to bring sometime like this that we and others have wanted for a very long time.

Funny note, We also had to pause development to do two new icon themes that we felt where essential to going with this new Flat & Modern theme. Thus we designed this and the Vibrancy Colors icon theme Together.

The Flat Design Trend in modern Design seems to be in full swing, So we wanted to allow users the choice to have a familiar but new Flat Ambiance & Radiance theme. To stay competitive with other platforms. But you are also more then welcome to use our other non flat build too if you don't want things flat. We feel like this flat trend can be clean and modern. (But feel if you go overboard or use weird colors things CAN look cartoonish, or silly, or just plain ugly. So you have to keep a eye on things.) 
Please Enjoy Ambiance & Radiance Flat.

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