Friday, November 14, 2014

November Part 2

Here we have part 2. Our one new last icon theme (For now) Vibrantly Simple is here.

Vibrantly Simple Colors is a NEW icon theme that attempts to be a modern continuation of the humanity icon theme, While still keeping humanity's simplicity and good points. Featuring new folders based on kde breeze icons with some new design by RAVEfinity. It's released in 13 Colors! Despite this, the team has done this very efficiently and the extra colors don't take up much more space at all.

Download Or Check It Out Here --->

We are working on a flat theme that we hope to get out soon. It's been in development for a awhile so we are trying to get everything ready and done. We had to pause development to do the two icon themes we felt where needed to go with it (And our other themes) Hope to have it for you soon. It's a huge production most likely our biggest yet we are excited to get it done and out.

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